Aug 14th, 2012

Ant Raid for iOS is a great bug-filled strategy game, but it looks like the ant colony might be migrating to Android soon. The folks at HeroCraft have confirmed its arrival in the last quarter of this year. The wait sounds long, sure, but it will be worth it. The game has you controlling an ant colony that is trying to fight off an invasion of rival insects.

The wrinkle is that these insects have been mutated by an awful occurrence, and it’s going to take more than a squashing of them to get rid of them. You play 100 levels (60 story and 40 challenge) and fight 24 different enemies in your campaign to rid your colony of these intruders. Take a quick look at the trailer above for an idea of what you’ll be doing, and get your pennies ready for whenever that day in Q4 2012 arrives. [via HeroCraft]