Samsung posts Ice Cream Sandwich source code for Sprint’s Epic 4G Touch, update rolling out soon

Samsung has posted the source code for the FF18 Android 4.0 software update for the Epic 4G Touch to their Open Source Release Center, a day or so shy of Sprint’s rumored rollout of Ice Cream Sandwich for their Galaxy S II variant. The code can be found by visiting the OSRC site and searching for the phones model number SPH-D710.

While the availability of the Android 4.0 source won’t do much for those awaiting the official update, which is now said to be commencing tomorrow, July 12th, it should come in handy for those looking to practice a bit of custom ROM development. At the very least it is confirmation that FF18 is the final build and further supports the idea that the update should be headed out this week.

[via Samsung OSRC | Thanks, Brendan!]

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  • Ashley Miller Jr

    Just what I was hoping for! A little late, but glad to see it out there.

  • Keith Boykin

    I hope you guys don’t get disappointed like the many times we did for the OG Epic and GNex.

  • Jeffrey Evans

    You hope FF18 is the final build. How many builds does that make now for Sprint’s S2?

  • ffolkes

    Yay! The kernel source is all that has kept us from being officially supported by CM.

  • SuperTomcat

    Will it came OTA way?

  • iPhail

    What the difference between this and FF18 build that was released weeks ago?

    • Vanakatherock

      If there were any bugs left in FF18, they were fixed in this “Final” build. When I had my E4GT, it seemed that most of the bugs were fixed in the FD26 build, with the biggest being the notification bug.

  • Fabric Warehouse

    finally! now where is my 4G going to happen in Detroit.. I’m on dial up with their 3G

    • Crimsonshadow774

      Never. They’re done with WiMax, which is the 4G technology used in the E4GT. They’ve moved on to LTE like everyone else. You’ll have to upgrade your phone to enjoy 4G from Sprint.

      • Fabric Warehouse

        That i know. My upgrade is ready for me, but I am waiting for 4GLTE to hit Detroit. Who knows when it will be here and when it does I’m positive a better phone will be out. If i buy a phone now all i’m getting is a new phone, not worth it.

  • Andi Woodworth

    When did they say that July 12th we get the update?

  • Crimsonshadow774

    My girlfriend wanted this really bad. (Although I already had CM 9 on her SII). She just switched to Verizon like I did a year ago and got a Gnex. Haha she’s gonna be mad.

    Although she is liking VZW and the Nexus more. (duh, who wouldn’t right? At least the Nexus part.)