Jawbone Jambox update brings support for Android companion app


A firmware update is now available for Jawbone’s Jambox that should be of use to more than a few Android users enjoying the little speaker’s big sounds. The update to version 2.2 gives owners of the standard Jambox something that Big Jambox users have already had the luxury of: compatibility with the speaker’s companion app for Android. With the Jambox Companion, the Bluetooth speaker is now able to provide audible alerts for various operating system notifications that extend beyond music playback. Owners can head over to the Jawbone site to download the latest software for the amazingly loud Jambox.

[Jawbone via Engadget]

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  1. Anyone own one of these? Is it loud? Worth buying?

    1. I’ve tried the speaker in the store and it is a quality item and the music sounds full. Almost like Bose. Too expensive for me though. :)

    2. Just got my big jambox I’m yesterday. Awesome design, great connectivity, great sound for it’s size. Bass isn’t the greatest but not a problem. Worthwhile investment

    3. have one. love it. it gets loud. worth it if: your laptop speakers suck, phone speakers suck, need more volume,you listen to music.

    4. way to expensive for what it is….

    5. I have had mine since it came out and works great for travel, listening to movies on laptop, playing tunes on golf course. I think it is work the investment

    6. I’ve been loving mine for about a year now. Fills up a medium size room with plenty of sound for me. It isn’t a full surround sound system or great for playing music to a great outdoor area, but it will certainly liven up a room or patio.

  2. dont know what that liveaudio does but it sounds PHENOMINAL

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