Galaxy Nexus Denied Temporary Ban Lift – Samsung and Google Working On Software Patch [UPDATE]


We told you it wasn’t looking good for the Galaxy Nexus. And just like yesterday where US District Judge Lucy Koh denied Samsung’s request to temporarily lift a ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1, the same request for the Galaxy Nexus has been shot down. Saw this one coming a mile away. But don’t fret. It’s not all “doom and gloom” for Samsung. Apparently, they’ve teamed up with Google and are hard at work developing a software patch that will work around the Apple’s alleged patent infringement claim. Let’s just hope it’s not as much of an inconvenience as that “workaround” HTC came up with in order to get One X’s and EVO LTE’s on everyone’s doorsteps. Ugh, that Apple… they really know how to chap our hides, don’t they? If I was a panda, I’d walk right into Tim Cook’s office and…

UPDATE: According to The Verge, they’ve just received word from Google that the software patch will, in fact, dumb down the search function found inside Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. In a future update that could begin rolling out as quickly as tonight, Android’s search function will soon only pull search queries from the web — not from your contacts, and not from installed applications. As lame as that sounds, anything Google can do to put Galaxy Nexus’ back on the Google Play’s virtual store shelves, I’m content with. I know I would sleep better at night knowing the world has a chance to leave their dreadful iPhone (and control of their overseer), for a truly innovative smartphone.

[Reuters | AllThingsD]

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  1. I am beyond sick of this Apple situation. America seriously needs some patent reform. Apple is getting away with highway robbery and I feel as though some of these judgments are being made by judges who have no information on the subject of mobile operating systems or anything related. They are simply taking Apple’s submitted information and I doubt any objective stance is being viewed.

    1. Are you calling the Judges idiots?

      CONTEMPT of court! I sentence you to 30 days of forced iPhone usage.

      1. That’s a bit much of a punishment, no?

    2. This is why we cant have nice things.

  2. Apple blows. Once my keyboard and monitor go, those will be the last two products I ever buy from them after 15+ years of buying nothing but Apple. They’re just not the same company since iOS.

    1. That’s where you’re wrong, you’re only just now seeing it. They are exactly the company they have always been.

      1. haha! So true.

  3. This ban was seriously about to make me rage quit my life, I’ve been wanting this phone for ages and I have to make it to October to upgrade. No, I don’t want an SIII or anything that doesn’t have the word “Nexus” written all over it, thanks
    Anyways, hopefully they can work around this stupidity

    1. by then they may be ready to release the next Nexus.

      1. Well if Sprint would get it sooner than 6 months after release, I would wait it out haha

        1. I’m hoping with this Nexus coming up they’ll just sell from the Play Store and you can get one for any carrier. Verizon royally screwed up IMO and don’t deserve exclusivity.

          1. You forgetting that Verizon is CDMA network

          2. Doesn’t make any difference. They can make GSM and CDMA models with all the right frequencies built in and sell them directly.

          3. Well CDMA need direct activation since there no SIM cards (except LTE) where with GSM you just place any SIM you like. Not sure fully how CDMA works in this matter, we dont use it Europe (thank god!), if you can bring your own phone and activate it then i guess it’s not a problem.

  4. We all should be familiar with crApple. Just wait until Google patent for the Notification Bar then crApple will feel the wrath of their own doing, those bastards.

    1. it won’t even matter, they are the only ones allowed to use a concept developed by somebody else remember?

    2. Yeah I’m surprised they’re getting away with that.

    3. Google maps, navigation bar…There are so many things that Apple stole from Google. What a bunch a freaking hypocrites.

  5. I can’t generate a new idea so I have to sue the competition and try to force everyone to buy yesterday’s stuff….. Got news for you Apple I will go back to my flip Motorola Razr before I use your crap!!!

    1. That is why I do not use crApple products.

  6. What goes around comes around. Google is still compiling a patent case against Apple with that Motorola Portfolio

    1. Hopefully. You would have to think that between Moto’s portfolio and Google’s stuff they could come up with a good one.

    2. I think the moment Google goes in the offensive, the whole tech industry and the courts will pay attention. That’s why I think you are right: Google is compiling a massive attack against Apple. Imagine of the iPhone gets banned? No one cares if the Galaxy Nexus is banned, but the whole world and their mother’s will mourn the loss of the iPhone.

      Only then will a patent reform can take place.

      1. God I can only dream of such a day…Please come soon!!!!

  7. We’re seeing the most evil company ever make the dirtiest tech-history ever.

  8. I bet she has an iPhone

  9. I’m no lawyer, but the patent in question (universal search) seems not only obvious, but something that was implemented by Google Desktop, a program released in 2004, prior to this filing.

    1. Apple’s universal search named Spotlight (which iOS search been annouced under that same name) been announced in WWDC 2004 as OS X Tiger feature 3 months before Google Desktop been relesed, they probably patented this earlier (not sure).

      1. Shadowriver, I believe you are right about Apple announcing it first, but Google launched theirs first. Who knows who filed the patents first as we know that many companys file for patents and sit on them for years. If there was a patent issue infringement against Apple back then, then that is when they should have said something. I mean, it’s been 8 years now…

      2. The patent application was filed on 5 January, 2000 but wasn’t granted until December last year

      3. Don’t know, just saying :p

  10. I’ve lost track, which alleged software issue are they working around now?

  11. Lucy Koh is a disgrace to the bench and needs to go. Not only that, all lawsuits should not be tried in the state where the plaintiff makes the case, take it to neutral ground.

    As for the Nexus, Jelly Bean has the same issue? If so, Nexus 7 will be crApple’s next target. And speaking of needing to go…

    Update: So Google has to dumb down their OS due to a search option, WTF. Karma’s a bitch Apple, how you rot over your vague patents.

  12. As someone who writes software for a living, I’m disgusted and horrified by this patent nonsense. Before Apple opened fire, at least it was only the domain of patent trolls. I still can’t believe this company has so little honor as to go down this road.

    To everyone who thinks that the patent system is still protecting innovation: most all of the Apple smartphone patents I’ve seen are obvious extensions of existing technology that weren’t practical to use/implement until the advent of the smartphone. See for instance their “phone number” recognition patent. This might seem like an “innovation” until you realize that it’s just a trivial implementation of regular expressions, a largely open-source technology that was built to make things like this possible. You shouldn’t be granted a 17-year monopoly simply because you were the first to realize that cutting/pasting phone numbers is annoying and then had the audacity to claim it as an invention.

    1. Sad part is, I could actually click on phone numbers that were included in txts and stuff back in the days when I used my WinMo phone in 2004…..

      1. Exactly. This is prior art, and Apple’s patent is therefore actually _invalid_.

  13. So this patch pretty much means 4.1 update officially will be pushed back a few weeks…if not a month…sigh…i hope the source at least drops soon, ion rock stock anyway…

    1. i wonder if this ‘software patch’ can somehow be “undone” by the folks over at XDA so that “Googe Now” searches for everything like it should.
      I genuinely don’t want a half bitten rotting fruit telling me what the software on my phone can or can’t do.

  14. Is it really a major infringement if they can easily come up with a fix for it? Sooooooo tired of Apple lawsuits

  15. THAT’S it? That’s where the infringement lies? Holy crap, seems to me Apple is grasping at straws…I do so hope that Goog unleashes on these a**clowns.

    Happy fourth, people!

  16. I am so glad justice is being served for Apple.

    1. Lol I am not rising to your bait

      1. You already did by replying to it.

        1. I guess in a way that’s true

      2. Ok T Ill bite. R Please O show us a comment L by you defending Android L.

        1. I just posted on my FB earlier that Siri “Got her ass handed to her by the new Google Voice search in Jellybean.” Granted even though Google’s new search is better… it is STILL ripping off Apple’s Siri.

          1. Not really, learn which came first.

          2. Not really, Siri ripped off Google Voice Search commands. Google had voice search which was the beginning. This is just another example of Apple stealing and claiming as their own.

    2. Ten Eighty Urine, you’re a bad troll and you should feel bad.

    3. How is this justice. Apple steals. Even the late SJ admitted that. Apple has a history of patenting things other people did like swipe to unlock (can you really believe this is patentable).

  17. I am so damn giddy in anticipation for the moment Google decides to pull the trigger on their own patents against Apple.

    1. All google needs to do is deny them access to maps and all the GSP systems that apple uses from google.

      1. Uh… Apple is dropping Google Maps in iOS 6

      2. which they are voluntarily doing

        1. They can deny them access to the search engine!! :)

          1. Yes, but Google makes a lot of revenue through google searches on the iPhone… cutting that off would hurt their own pocket, and apple could just turn to bing or yahoo, or just extend siri into a search page in the iphone browser.

      3. “Can’t we all just get along” quote by Rodney King. I think that it is beneficial for Google to have a decent working relationship with Apple and Microsoft. They all need to realize things are better for everyone without litigation. Apple needs to realize that IPhone can’t be the only smartphone because a lot of people don’t like Apple and want an alternative. Main benefit of capitalism is choice. Google already realizes that for them to succeed with g+ and gmail and other services they need to be on all platforms and not looked at as android only software. This big rif needs to go away. I think for google it started the day Apple took away ad revenue from Google on IPhone.

    2. For some reason, I just don’t see it happening. I’ve long wished for Google to awaken as the sleeping giant, smashing all their foes but….. nothing.

      It’s almost as if they know something we don’t. Like, maybe they know Apple is paying off these judges and Google knows there’s no way they could win… Think about it O_o

      1. There has to be something. Just doesn’t make sense for them to sit idly by as Apple brings crazy software patent claim after crazy claim into the courts against Android OEM’s

        1. Yeah.. *sigh* (C’mon, Google!)

      2. Yeah I understand Chris but I am sure that at some point they will go on the offense. Maybe not as strong as Apple but they didn’t get all of those patents from Motorola for no reason. If Google is pushed hard enough they will defend they’re business by any means necessary.

        1. ugh. Why can’t people learn the difference between there, their and they’re? Let me re-write your last sentence, and you tell me if it makes sense. “If Google is pushed hard enough they will defend they are business by any means necessary.” It’s the same with its and it’s. Before you post something, say the sentence in your head replacing it’s/its with it is. If it still makes sense, then use it’s. If it does not make sense, then use its. It’s really simple as that. Use the same advice with they’re/their/there.

          (Their = possessive, there = a place, they’re = they are)

          1. I’m well educated and don’t need your tips, it was a simple mistake. I’m sorry that your life is so poor that you have the time to get ticked off by something on the internet this minuscule. People like you make me so damn sick. However, I would like to extend a thanks to you for the paragraph worth of your attention. ;)

      3. I don’t know…somebody pointed out before that google gave oracle plenty of time to settle things peacefully, and we know how that went for oracle…maybe it’s a master plan. Let Apple get precedents set with the courts (ie all patents must be enforced), then lay the hammer down with patents that are alot more than just”universal search”.

        1. I think this is going to repeat itself with Apple. Google just joined Samsung to find ways to negotiate with crApple co-licensing agreements to avoid this mess. I’m going to guess that if crApple decides not to negotiate, they will end up getting hit so hard by Google, they will regret ever starting this game.

      4. Google doesn’t play dirty like Apple does.

        1. I honestly think that that is exactly it. They don’t want to sink to Apple’s level and ruin their reputation as being the good company.

      5. It’s simply not a huge pain in back part as it seems so to waste money on lawers, it’s not like Galaxy Nexus is whole Android Market. Also it might be Google motto… don’t be evil.

      6. It’s real simple. Google wants it’s services on iPhone. G+, Search, Drive, Voice, even maps if an option is allowed, etc. Google wants to be everywhere regardless of platform. Android was never started to kill iphone. It was started with open handset consortium. I think Android may have hurt all these other cloud efforts because of this rift. I think Google got aggressive when losing the adware revenue on iphone apps. That war was lost and now they are trying to take over Facebook and if G+ is viewed as an android app then that’s hard to do. G+ has to become platform independent and Google has to mend this relationship. With Steve Jobs gone this just might be possible.

        Another thought… The hold up on working things out is that Apple is so proprietary and is a hardware manufacturer first and then a software provider. They’re still worried about being successful by selling hardware and os. Google is cloud based services and ad revenue. Enormous differences in perspectives. Personally I would love to see itunes movies and music on Android and Android Music and movies on iPhone. I want my services to be ubiquitous and platform independent. Apple, amazon, and google are all 3 using hardware to try and lock us into their services. Good business practice but we lose in this as consumers because I end up having less choice from whom I rent a movie from tonight (the real reason that flash was never on an iphone or ipad is for this reason alone and has nothing to do with technology). Anyway, all you have to do is follow the money trail and this whole messed up situation where Google doesn’t sink it’s teeth into Apple becomes clear.

  18. So will this affect MY device that I’ve had since September?

  19. Phew! What a relief. Now, Google and Samsung, can you please push out the 4.0.2 update for the Canadian yakjuux Galaxy Nexus? Please?? Everyone else got 4.0.4… Can we at least be 3 months behind instead of 6? Pretty Please??

  20. So let me get this straight… This whole thing was over the Google Search / Google Now functionality coming down the pipe in Jellybean? So they got their panties in a bundle because Google bested them at their game? This better not delay shipments of the Nexus 7 so they can install a patch on that too. We best be able to do all the cool stuff in the Siri vs Google Now videos or Apple is gonna start seeing people picketing with pitchforks and torches in front of their stores for this ridiculous nonsense. This is flatout monopolizing competitive functionality.

    1. It’s especially ridiculous since Google had voice search before Apple even released Siri. This patent shouldn’t have even been granted. Did Google just neglect to patent it themselves in a monumental failure of foresight, or something?

  21. Only one way tio go and it’s
    #Boycottapple so don’t be shy spread the word and most of all apply it.
    Any way we all know what Apple is really about http://twitpic.com/a2w64f

  22. Screw apple and steve jobs they all need to go to hell! Now Google will have to make Google now pretty much just a search bar ugh!!! Apple sucks

  23. my GN running the leaked JB.. i guess im stuck with it for a while until the new iphone release.

  24. Skip the patch!

  25. This is comical. Apple just spent like 95 million on this case to prove they were serious about the lawsuit. Google releases a patch to work around it. Apple is like a dog begging for scraps off the table, taking whatever they can get.

  26. It’s not that they can’t come up with anything new, they can. It’s that Google dumps innovation in our laps. Apple likes to spoon feed their innovations to their users spaced out yearly so they milk them with yearly upgrades or as they say “Apple Tax”. I’m sure some of the stuff Google is doing now they probably thought of or have something similar in their silos. But because Google dumps everything they come up with all at once, even if its in a kinda beta state sometimes, it screws up their milking plans. That’s what they’re pissed about. Their Reality Distortion Bubble makes their users believe they are making the impossible possible. And when all this cool stuff is already available to Android users, it’s making them look like the money grubbing idiots they are.

  27. Will this patch only be good the US version of are they going to cripple all versions. Hopefully it can be ported back if your device is rooted or anonymous add on

  28. Is this something that the source is released for? If so, who cares? The source code will be saved and developers will add it back. Yeah you will have to root, but isn’t that the point of a Nexus?

  29. can we start a petition for patent reform ? this isnt fair at all. were ending up with worse products or dumb’d down products because of this. either that or petition for apple to stop suing because its ridiculous.

    phandroid can you help us do this?

    i know all of you guys know this is wrong. we can do something about it…thats why its a democracy. come on guys we can stop this, im sure of it. when enough people get together it gets the news attention it gets the attention of the higher ups and even the government. lets do this

    1. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has already started one: https://defendinnovation.org/

  30. Sounds weak for a workaround, my contacts are on the web too so it could still search them…. Just saying… and BTW F.U. Apple we will never buy another of your products and I will relish the day I take the wifes iPad to the shooting range to use as a target.

  31. The #BoycottApple meme and even a petition alone is not going to solve this issue. Brothers and sisters we need to march. Get out on the street. March on Washington. March on Cupertino. Pickett outside of Apple stores and any merchant who carries Apple products. We need a good old fashioned physical presence. As pissed as we are though these need to be peaceful marches and protests. But we need to get the attention of those outside the tech sector because right now we’re only preaching to the choir.

  32. since when did searching become patentable… i mean honestly i don’t care how its carried out, unless they pantented SPECIFIC CODE, this is BS, searching is a concept. it means to look for something. noone should have CONTROL over searching for stuff

  33. Its business, and its better then suing for SEP like google is willing to do… android is a stolen product and its showing after defeat and defeat. even the oems know, most pay microsoft a licensing fee…and google has done little to help.

    1. Android is stolen? From whom? Certainly not Apple. You, sir, are an iTroll.

  34. We need Donald Trump to tell Lucy Koh, “you’re fired”. She made a very bad decision. It doesn’t make sense to temporarily ban something without reaching a final judgement.

  35. So there is no way that anyone anywhere anyhow make a search functionality on smartphones that would search contacts and apps as well as web without being sued by Apple?

    That’s really f-ed up system you have there…

    1. strangely, you can already do this on Nokia phones… which have been available for years… How is this possible?! Karma will teach Apple. Hopefully it’s customers will too.

  36. What happened to my comment?

    1. The ones with the links to the adult-only blog?

      Hard to say.

  37. All Google have to do to not infringe, is to have a separate app dedicated to search on the device.

  38. Everything was leeched from PB. MPAA needs to file suit against all the copyright infringers. ;-)

  39. I’ll say it again. The Patent system makes me sick. I think Anonymous should be introduced to Patent offices

  40. I’ve been considering purchasing a Macbook Air as I need a replacement laptop. Apple can kiss my ass now.

  41. WTF ? pls tell me this is ONLY on USA…
    ps: androd has been able to search from “everything” for a long time now, what changed on JB to make apple complain ?

  42. http://www.change.org/petitions/voters-impeach-us-district-judge-lucy-koh

    Sign it.. this judge is in Apple’s back pocket.

  43. Am I the only Android power user that doesn’t use the search function? If I need to search I just go to google.com

    1. I don’t use it either, but some might use it as shortcut to things, depends on person

  44. I think its amazing that apple spent 98 million to remove a feature on my phone that i don’t even you, could’t that money have gone to more productive things??

  45. This comment will probably never be seen by the right people but am I correct in saying that the Patent relates to linking search with LOCAL content? Why isn’t google now re-written to download data from your Google Mail Contacts, and Google Play Apps? Surely the data can be implemented internally in google play so that a now request can go via play to the app in your installed list of apps and then have a command pushed back to the phone? the same process would work with Google Contacts. It’d be a long work around and add a LOT of overhead but it would circumvent any patents related to LOCAL content! :D

  46. Unified search has been around a while. I’m pissed about this. They may have to break their search into 2 different searches to get away from being called unified. Local search and Web search. I think this is more about the loss of common sense in America and it’s legal system.

  47. Why can’t I share this on Facebook from the Phandroid app?? It just comes up as a blank post..

  48. Why can’t you ask a different judge?
    Doesn’t previous experience judging similar rule on Galaxy Tab make Lucy Koh a partial judge?

    1. My understanding is the judge originally denied Apple’s request. An appeals court sent it back to the judge who then granted the reguest.

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