Steve Kondik Talks All Things CyanogenMod (And Android) In New Presentation Video


During last week’s Google I/O developer conference, Steve Kondik ‘n friends — known collectively as “CyanogenMod” — took the time to meet up, and speak for a pre-I/O presentation on everything CyanogenMod. Mr. Kondik delves into everything from the project’s early beginnings, what CM is all about, some of the challenges they face, and where they plan to take CM in the future.

The first half of that video has been uploaded to the YouTube, and for an Android enthusiast, it gives us some great insight on, not just the rooting/hacking/modding side of Android, but the openness of the platform as well. Definitely a must watch when you guys get a chance. The second half of the presentation is said to come a little later. Cheers.

[Google+ | Marakana]

Chris Chavez
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      1. Looks like eventually PPL did LOL

  2. He seemed super nervous! haha still awesome!

  3. Cool

  4. umm i really ummm like cm9 even ummm though my gps doesnt ummmm work right now toroplus nightly 7/1

  5. Google Released JB ummm ! and we will release ICS ummm today ! ummmmmmm

  6. The nervousness is super boring… hahaha

  7. Steve is a coder, not a public speaker but it’s all good. Seeing him stumble a bit just shows that he’s still real. Respect to Steve and the whole team.

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