You won’t be able to melt butter with a device sporting a Snapdragon S4 processor

So we know the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor is a very capable SoC. We have seen it outperform quad-core processors and the devices that sport it are top-of-the-line. There is one issue that tends to come with high-end devices, though. Until now, these tend to get very hot as we view our HD videos, games and apps. Qualcomm has been working on keeping its devices “cooler,” and they have some stunning proof for us.

No, we are not talking about thermal heat imaging. That is way overrated and all the competitors do it. What Qualcomm did was put the devices to the test by melting butter. They simply placed a Snapdragon S4 device next to a couple of competing products and put blocks of butter right on top of them. The results are of course in favor of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 processor.

If you have been looking to make some toast during those long flights, you best start looking for another way to melt your butter… or fry your eggs. The Snapdragon S4 will simply not work. It will feel much more comfortable in your hands and ear, though. And over time, heat affects a device’s performance, which is another factor to consider.

[Via: HTC Source]

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  • J_Dav1

    Less heat means less energy lost as well, so hopefully this means we will get more battery life out of them.

    • AJA0

      Good, I thought you were going to say something stupid like “less energy hurting the enviroment”.

    • phinn

      To support this, phones with the S4 are actually seeing decent 4G LTE battery life.

  • thebeeobee

    What were the other two phones? The middle was a Motorola of some sort, what about on the left?

    • Nathan Mitchell

      Middle was droid razr, left was international galaxy s 2.

    • Jonbo298

      The middle one looks to be the Droid Razr

    • ClarkyAC

      competitor b is the galaxy s ii (i9100). i can say from experience that it really does get as ridiculously hot as they say. Quickly and easily. One of the (very few) big problems with the phone in my opinion.

  • jimmy

    Looks like galaxy s2

  • michael lewis

    I think I could cook a steak with my gnex

    • TheCaprican

      I can attest this. My GN is so hot it becomes very annoying

    • feztheforeigner

      Mine doesn’t, and I use it pretty heavily…maybe you should flash a new ROM?

    • Adam Dave Collins

      Nope, mine is cool as a cucumber!

  • Blatino

    My AT&T HTC One X says otherwise.

    • vioalas

      You may want to check up on that then. I’ve been using my One X and I just checked my temp, it’s at 28 degrees celsius. Did you get the OTA update by any chance?

  • JulianZHuang

    i can fry an egg with my galaxy nexus. how come they didnt test 4s? oh wait, it wont heat up.

    • meany105

      That’s because its underclocked

  • ColtonWalker

    my LTEVO gets pretty warm some times so im not sure where they are going with this

  • Marcel Papst

    Come on, you can’t make a test like this by leaving the SoCs inside their enclosures… This fucks ups the whole thermal comparability. Especially when you compare a device made of aluminium with one thats has a plastic backplate. The plastic ones get way hotter because the plastic won’t let the heat out as quick as aluminium does….

  • Micha Ols

    The Tegra 2 in my LG Optimus 2X can get really hot as well at times.

  • Jonathan rewq

    My galaxy nexus gets very hot too lol….where I can’t have the phone touch my face or it’ll Burnnnnnn

  • Ron Vichar

    My OneX gets hot to touch if I don’t turn off LTE butter or no butter

    • vioalas

      Yours must be having some issues, mine runs really cool.

  • jeremyseattle

    I’m so sick of people making stock music, blatantly ripping off legit musicians. The music at 0:53 is a total rip-off of the Black Keys.