AT&T’s HTC One X benchmarks – proof of Snapdragon S4 outperforming Tegra 3

The HTC One X was possibly the most hyped device of Mobile World Congress. It happens to be the first quad-core Android smartphone, with an NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor. But soon after, we found out that the US version ( HTC One XL) would not feature a Tegra 3 chip, but a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Krait processor, instead.

Needless to mention that this became a large topic of discussion within the Android community. Some users want their 4-plus-1 cores while others stated that Snapdragon S4 Krait processors outperform NVIDIA’s chipset. We have seen that such statement is true, benchmarks prove that Krait processors are much stronger. And one of the few HTC One XL testers has give us a bit of light about the matter.

We have already seen these processors being compared before, but this seems to be the first time it is done with an HTC One XL, specifically. The user, Phonegeek, put the device to the test with Vellamo and Quadrant benchmarks. The HTC One XL outperforms the ASUS Transformer Prime (Tegra 3) by a handful, and it more than doubles the score of the Galaxy Nexus on both tests. This comes to show that Qualcomm’s 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 is no small competitor.

It is yet unclear how great the device will operate. Benchmarks and real-life performance many times do not go hand-in-hand. But it certainly isn’t the worst downfall to see HTC drop the Tegra 3 processor in favor of some 4G LTE compatibility. The processor is still awesome, and it looks like it could be much better.

[Source: Android Central Forums Via: Android Central]

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  • Marsg

    are there any antutu marks ? considering it is probably the most accurate of overall performance 

    • Micha Ols
      • Lucian Armasu

        I would ignore the MDP version of benchmarks until a real product with S4 is tested. Last time around the S3 MDP tested twice as fast as the actual S3 in the market. That might have changed now, but there might still be some difference between the shipping product and  the MDP chip.

  • zorxd

     Are these benchmarks multi-threaded?

    • Marsg

      lol no, the vellamo might be but im not too sure, quadrant though def is not.

      • zorxd

        yeah, and vellamo is made by qualcomm isn’t it?
        I will wait for real benchmarks before making a conclusion.

      • TeflonDon45
        • Marsg

          my bad i had no idea they had updated it, i stoped using quadrant after it kept recording the tegra 3 in the same category as the tegra 2 in performance, i attached  below a screenshot of the tegra 3 benchmark result on the first and only attempt i ran on quadrant  

  • Micha Ols

    Anandtech has tested The S4 Krait dual core and the Tegra 3 SoCs already. No news here. The Quadrant benchmark does not show a Tegra 3 result while the Vellamo Benchmark is a Qualcomm product, thus being optimized for Qualcomms chips.

    The S4 should be faster most of the time, yes, but these tests are rubbish. The big Question is, which SoC uses less energy?

    • Lucian Armasu

      Qualcomm seems to be making quite a lot of benchmark tools to show off what their chips are good at, which probably puts the competition in a bad light most of the time, because the benchmarks are biased. So I would stay away from Qualcomm-made benchmark tool from now on.

      That being said, I still believe S4 is faster than Tegra 3 for most apps – just not twice as fast, which these benchmarks seem to indicate.

  • Steven Schwartz

    I just want some battery stats…

    • Lorenzo Sanchez

      Phonegeek said it’s pretty good. Hopefully it’s true.

    • JoeOnDnet

      There is no device named the HTC One XL. AT&T’s version is called the HTC One X like all the others. I’ve pointed this out before but the writers here can’t get it straight. Check out the official HTC page for the AT&T HTC One X.

      • Aundre Allen

         found the HTC One “XL” on htc’s site…

        • JoeOnDnet

          Ok… Why does HTC have a page for a HTC One X and for a HTC One XL with ATT bands? seems odd to me.

          • Tony Lai

             hTC One X: Quad-core Tegra 3 without LTE (Global version)

            hTC One XL: Dual-core S4 with LTE (at&t version)

          • JoeOnDnet

            If you would actually click on the link I provided above and Aundre’s link you will see mine links to a “HTC One X” that is Dual-Core S4 w/ ATT LTE bands and Aundre’s links to a “HTC One XL” with Dual-Core S4 w/ ATT LTE bands as well.

          • JoeOnDnet

             BAM! No XL naming for AT&T.

        • JoeOnDnet

          BAM! No XL naming for AT&T.
          Although the international XL and AT&T’s X are basically the same phone.

  • Bob Burgess

    I think many people aren’t so upset by the Dual Core vs Quad core switch as they are by the reports that the S4 Krait version will only come with 16GB of on-board memory. 

    • Monkey

      The guy that this information came from is actually discussing that storage capacity with others on the Android Forums. It is either because of an incompatibility with the Processor (which makes no sense) or just because they wanted to cut down on costs (more plausible).

      • rhonin

        Cost would be minimal adding another 16gb.
        If they did it for that reason you have to wonder what other minuscule shortcuts they built into it…..

        • Henrik

          They might be confusing the one S that has 16gb and S4 with the one X that has both tegra 3 and S4 with 32gb. So they must have thought that the L-versin has 16gb just because the one S has it.

  • The Muffin Man

    The Krait S4 still uses last year’s Adreno 220/5 GPU, not the upcoming 300, so you can be sure Android (no matter which version) will lag between homescreens and any other graphics/video. Unacceptable for 2012. Even WP doesn’t make that mistake.

    • NYCHitman1

       No lag here on CM7 or SupraROM.

      • The Muffin Man

        Oh, so you’re the one? For the other 99% of Android users, yeah, there’s lag. So, no, you’re point is moot.

        • malcmilli

          i too do not have lag between home screens.  So i don’t know about 99% users.  What phone are you using? 

        • malcmilli

          i find it a bit hard to believe you have used every android phone on the market.

        • troyboy30

          lag on my galaxy nexus.  yes its still there with ICS.  its not as bad the random reboots though

        • David Gray

          No lag here, make that 98%. Maybe next time you use your phone you should try wiping off your finger after picking your nose. Those boogers are touchscreen KILLERS!!!

    • Spartoi 

      The Adreno 225 is comparable to Tegra 3’s GPU. 

      WP uses an even slower SoC.

      • The Muffin Man

        That’s my point. WP has no lag, and it’s only one core. Android gets four and still has lag. Unacceptable.

        • Spartoi

          Android is more resource intensive than WP and it wasn’t HW accelerated until ICS. 

          ICS on a single core device is pretty smooth and on a dual core its seamless.

          • Lucian Armasu

            I haven’t tried it yet myself, but I hear ICS is very smooth even on those low-end 600 Mhz ARM11 chips with Adreno 200.

        • David Gray

          Muff-less Man, you’re barking up the wrong tree here buddy. You’re not gonna get one negative Android comment out of any of us, trust me.

          • servo36

             android is not not the best operating system out there….

            well, you see a negative comment now! ;)

    • Lucian Armasu

      WP still uses Adreno 205, which is much worse, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

      Adreno 225 is about twice as fast as Adreno 220 from last year. Probably still a bit weaker than current GPU’s, but I wouldn’t call it a ‘last year’s GPU”.

    • Alan

      The benchmarks posted in the thread weren’t exactly real-world (they
      used a qualcomm benchmark that is biased toward qualcomm chips) so I
      wouldn’t place too much stock in them.


      Anandtech previewed the msm8960 (with the 225) and found the cpu was a bit faster then tegra 3 and the graphics were about the same or just a touch slower.  It’s not next gen but it’s no slouch either.

    • Hiro

      No lag on my Adreno 220 GPU in my Sensation…?  Occasionally a caching lag when something new is loaded, but after that it’s smooth as butter.

  • Mark Haynes

    Is this just about AT&T’s version of the One X or all US versions of the 1X?

    • SparklingCyanide

       T-Mobile’s version of the One X is said to be the Original Tegra 3 processor.

      • Monkey

        Would make sense at they won’t have LTE for at least another year. No point of putting the radio into the phone if it serves to purpose for that amount of time. 

    • rhonin

      Just those that will be getting LTE.

  • master94

    Just proves that more cores dont equal better performance. And to think when I said S4 outdoes tegra 3 last week, everyone was laughing at me in the comments.

    • David Gray

      no you didn’t…

      • Androidandwp7equalsPower

        Yeah, we actually did make fun of him. Sorry friend.

  • Alex Mercer

    That is impressive. Who needs a Tegra 3! S4 is already better.

  • blatino

    I hate when someone buys a cheap Android phone and says Android is laggy, slow, and buggy.

  • barondebxl

    The snapdragon S4 is almost an A15 based SoC so it will crap on anything right now doesn’t matter quad core or not. It’s 2 powerful processor.

  • DavidVarghese

    I’d be happy to get any one of them in my future phone… I’m still rocking the HTC Hero with CM7.2 … lol

  • Fezza21

    If you look into the individual scores, the T3 blows away the S4 in raw CPU power (12253 vs 8611) and even 3D is better on T3 (2344 vs 2159). But S4 kicks ass in mem (7629 vs 3372), IO (5382 vs 4707) and 2D (980 vs 126).

    My T3 Quadrant scores are sourced from:

  • Lorenzo Sanchez

    About time. Everyone acted like I was crazy for saying the S4 was just as good if not better than the T3

  • Shoaib

    I gottavsay this

    Any device computer or smartphone,
    If its Hardware and Software’s(I mean is drivers for device’s internal hardware) MATCHES to each other perfectly, then that device would be best in performance and outsource any devices on market.

    Well, am big android fan too,
    But I guess this is the reason why some people find iPhone smoother.

  • Michael

    Whats with the stock ics, instead of sense ics?

  • Michael

    Is the htc one xl not curved like the htc one x?

  • 666

    Fail. Quad-core. Next!!!

  • Mental_Moose

    Is there any comparison between the One XL and the One X?

  • socalrailroader

    It just proves again that more cores does NOT always mean faster or better performance.  There are MANY variables in determining a CPU’s performance.

  • Stats Professor

    Very smart to compare tablets and phones in benchmarks……….


    • David Gray

      I was wondering about that too….

  • PaulAtreides

    I thought the rumored T-mobile version was the only stock ICS version of the HTC One X. I really think you guys should use the pictures of it with Sense 4.0 instead so you don’t confuse or possibly disappoint some people.

    • iwave

      Indeed.  There’s a rather large difference in the benchmark scores on my Sensation between Sense and non-Sense roms.

  • Dan Nevill

    You do know that the s4 is optimized towards small data sets right? So these benchmarks do not necessarily reflect the actual performance of the chip! When it comes to actual performance I doubt it beats the tegra 3 by anywhere near the amount shown above.