Sony Tablet P now receiving Android 4.0 update

Although arriving a few week later than expected, Sony is now pushing the Tablet P’s update to Ice Cream Sandwich in “selected markets.” With the new software the clamshell slate will be back on the same page as its more conventional counterpart, the Sony Tablet S, which received Android 4.0 back in April.

Aside from changes expected with the move from Honeycomb to Ice Cream Sandwich, Sony has added in a few of their own bells and whistles to the new OS version. Users get direct access to the tablet’s SD card, the half app/half widget “Small Apps,” and an improved photo viewing experience. There is no word on which specific markets have the update available, but owners of the Tablet P can check under the “About” menu in Settings to see if Android 4.0 is ready to download and install.

[Sony via AndroidCentral]

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  • MarcusDW

    Nobody owns this.

  • danix180

    What’s this? ? An ePotato?

  • Aaron soles

    I don’t know if anyone’s ever heard of this!

  • EasyEEE

    Lol was going to ask same thing, “People own this?”

  • EasyEEE

    And good thing in selected markets. Wouldn’t want to overload the 386 pushing out the updates.

  • Quboid

    I played with one at an airport shop. It’s OK, but the screen being to two bits is a big downer compared to modern tablets and if you want a smartphone/tablet hybrid, the Galaxy Note is better. Only worth considering if you really need a largish screen that fits in your pocket. It’s probably about 7″ combined.