Sony Tablet P’s Android 4.0 update to roll out May 24th


Sony’s plan to roll out Android 4.0.3 to the Tablet P in April may not have come to fruition, but the Japanese manufacturer is now stating that the Ice Cream Sandwich OTA update will be coming next week, on May 24th.

The Sony Tablet S had its update as promised, soon after Sony issued a press release in Japan. A global roll-out of the Ice Cream Sandwich was seen, and we can assume the same for the Tablet P. There might be some delays if you happen to have the AT&T version, though. The update has to go through the carrier before it hits your device.

Any device without Ice Cream Sandwich is considered outdated for most Android fans. Therefore, it is good to see that manufacturers are updating their products, even if a bit late. If you have been carrying this foldable tablet, let us know when/if the update hits your device!

[Source: Sony Via: Pocketnow]

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  1. Never even saw one of these.

    1. Well I think be both know why

  2. Who buys Sony any more? What about Motorola? My 10 and 7 inch Acer tablets have both been upgraded to ICS, but my wife’s RAZR and my RAZR MAXX still haven’t. And they need the upgrade more than my tablets did. I will grant that upgrade speed does matter, or should, to Sony. A bad experience can turn you off for a long time

  3. Sony has possibly the 2 WORST shaped tablets on the market…who thought clamshell and folded-over-paper-look would be the way to go?? That’s why you’re losing money Sony. Sorry, but take a cue from Samsung.

  4. I hope this mean they will launch the SONY iON soon. good news for SONY Table owners

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