Ice Cream Sandwich for Verizon’s Droid RAZR not arriving today as expected

Many Motorola Droid RAZR owners are feeling anxious today after a CNET report tipped June 12th as the expected delivery date of the top-selling smartphone’s Android 4.0 update. The only problem is, Verizon apparently missed the memo. The VZW Support Twitter account is responding to user demand for Ice Cream Sandwich with news that an official date of deployment has yet to be set. DroidLife points out that we have yet to see the typical round of test updates delivered to members of the Motorola Feedback Network, and likely will not see a full rollout until after that initial phase comes and goes.

Of course, we must remember the June 12th date was never official, and as is typically the case with updates it is best not to start counting the chickens before they hatch.

[via DroidLife]

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  • toomuchgame441

    Feel sorry for Motorola users… Motorola has yet to push out an official update to any of their devices

    • Magus2300

      No so! Motorola XOOM 3G got it’s ICS update not too long ago, and the wifi version got it back in January.

    • Denny Craneftw

      NO idea why you’d say that. You’re 100% wrong.

  • John Q

    motorola has had the build for months, problems lies with Verizon

    • TimTheK

      As pointed out in the article, Motorola always distributes a limited test release to registered Motorola forum members. That test has NOT yet occurred…. thus Motorola, the manufacturer hasn’t approved and released it yet….so the carrier, Verizon is NOT responsible for the delay. Motorola has had ICS for a while, but that has little to do with when updates get released.

      As for Verizon, don’t worry, once they do get it from Motorola they will be sure to delay the release for a good long time! Just ask my Nexus.

    • Denny Craneftw

      There have been TEN versions of ICS that Verizon/Motorola have been testing, the latest being the 6.16.210 leak… and that just dropped within the last few hours. We don’t know if that is the final release version. Motorola has NOT had the final build for months. The initial versions were for testing and were missing many features and were quite buggy.

  • Mike Yost

    I feel bad for you Razr users and imma let you finish, but my GNexus got 99 problems but ICS ain’t one.

    • Magus2300

      99? Really? Mine has none.

      • Daniel Weisinger

        Every phone has some sort of problem… even if it’s something you can live with.

      • OCSportsGeek

        …its a song, dude.

    • toomuchgame441

      Official comment of the day

  • DoctorFu

    I got really excited thinking the update was released already. :-(

  • chargerman165

    Ridiculous!!! Love the MAXX and have the Gnex. As smooth as Gnex runs really looking forward to the MAXX update although I don’t have any problems with the MAXX. Although I do pay VZW lots and lots a money.

  • Chris Wueste

    Great to have the gsm version of the Galaxy Nexus. Not gonna ever have to worry about these things.

  • Christopher Robin Linde

    the “not arriving today” is what was expected, right? Not the ACTUAL arrival.

  • Wayne Farrell

    I’m happy with ICS 4.0.3 on my Razr Maxx that leaked back in March/April for a soak test and later pulled. Works great… will be nice to see what 4.0.4 has in store other than international roaming capabilities.

  • Briston

    Verizon. FIGURE IT OUT!

  • Mr. Piggy

    So ridiculous

    • Denny Craneftw

      What’s ridiculous? That you fell for a single CNet article that cited a single, unnamed, unreliable source? Verizon has said “Q2, 2012″ for quite awhile, now. Last time I checked, Q2 won’t end for 17 days.

  • Sean Kalas

    you feel sorry for what.. their incredibly better battery life and signal compared to the nexus? those who want to root their device can run a leaked version of ICS.

  • Vinny

    Still waiting for ICS for the Rezound. Usually root and flash a custom rom within the first 15 minutes of getting my phone. The Rezound worked so freaken good right out of the box I haven’t rooted mine yet. The first phone I have not rooted in years. Everything just works. The signal and radios are so strong, never loose my 4G signal, just a great phone. Only problem like all other LTE phones is the battery. I bought the extended version and get almost 2 days out of it. I would really like a 2100 amp battery the same size as stock, that would make this phone perfect. This phone has fantastic specs, still matches the best specked out phone to date. The screen is great, phone is lightening fast and stable as heck. If they don’t push out the ICS update soon I may be forced to root and S-off, then this phone will be bad ass.

    • Mark Seven

      I like my Rezzie too but it doesn’t play nice with Facebook at all.. doesn’t stay synced at all..

  • chiplj

    was not holding my breath for ics. have rooted and running custom rom called eclipse. works great. super fast, lightweight, and better battery life than before. ill try ics when it finally hits but have a feeling ill be back to a custom rom after the new wares off.

  • Vivek Dayanand

    Y isnt anybody trying the manual update using the stock ics rom 651.167.3370.xt910 released for Brazil..there r instructions on various pages that state u can jst using ur normal bootloader process..

  • Denny Craneftw

    I just set my phone’s date to July 1st, so I could get my update yesterday.

  • chiplj