Samsung’s Galaxy S3 TouchWiz Ported To Galaxy Note, Galaxy S2 and… (Gasp) Galaxy Nexus

If you currently have in your possession a Samsung Galaxy Note or Samsung Galaxy S2 that just so happens to be rooted, I would like to inform you that you can now add the all-new-and-improved TouchWiz UI from the Samsung Galaxy S3 onto those devices. The launcher reportedly runs great and is an excellent option for those of you looking to add a little pizzazz to your device. While the launcher plays well with TouchWiz’d ROMs, a less stable test version is available for devices running AOSP ROMs like CyanogenMod.

Now for the Galaxy Nexus, users who are looking to give their device less of that Google touch, and more of a Samsung one, have a few options. First, there’s the Galaxy S3 launcher which has also been ported over to run (with a few bugs) on the GNex. Next, is an actual add-on pack that, not only provides the GS3 launcher (with fewer bugs), but throws a few Galaxy S3 stock apps into the mix as well. This will only work on AOSP ROMs like CM9 or AOKP and from what I hear, every time a user flashes this, a single tear rolls down Jean Baptiste Queru’s cheek.

Not sure why anyone would want to defile their Galaxy Nexus with TouchWiz, but I guess that’s the benefit of Android now isn’t it? Options. Still, I’d be careful leaving your house, lest you run into Larry Page or Matias Duarte in a dark alley and they slap that blasphemous Nexus right out of your hand. That being said, anyone try it out yet? Links to the appropriate downloads can be found below.

[XDA (Galaxy S2) | XDA Galaxy Note | XDA Galaxy Nexus (Add-on) | XDA Galaxy Nexus (Launcher)]

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  • aeok18109

    I love your articles. You bring the lulz.

  • Alexander Ramos

    I have a new GNexus from Sprint, what should I do to have this GS3 look?
    I am a real noob about this…
    Can somebody explain step by step…?

    • Jwhap

      You have to start by unlocking and rooting your phone. If you are already rooted you need to be on either CM9 or AOKP. The links are below the article. You have to flash them using Clockwork.

    • Mhmmd Barjas

      Don`t listen to them, they`ve nothing else to do.

    • bmg314

      If you are a noob who is brand new at this, then before you do ANYTHING with your phone, read. Lots and lots of reading.Start with XDA. If there is something you don’t understand from reading, ask a question. Don’t be thrown off by anyone giving you grief about being a beginner over there either…everyone was a rookie at some point.

    • averymlewis

      Youtube How to root Galaxy Nexus and how to load a Cm9 rom (Cyanogen Mod 9) and that should really help if you’re a visual learner.

  • PC_Tool

    Tried the Add-on pack from XDA on my AOKP B37. It is nice, however, I think I was spoiled by fr4gg0r’s work on the “TW 4.5″ he heavily modified.

    That thing was slick as hell. I would *love* to see those features make their way into the TWICS projects.

  • MikePopovici

    Ha touch wiz on a nexus what’s next motoblur. People are trying to get pure Android never thought outside would try to get a sense on a Samsung or Touchwiz on a nexus.madnessi tell you

  • Jwhap

    The only reason I could see to doing this is to do it………But I am not a fan of touchwiz…..I had a bad experience going from a DINC to a Droid Charge and I blame touchwiz. Of course I was also running CM7 on my incredible and the Charge was stock.

  • Mhmmd Barjas

    I have the galaxy note, but I`m not crazy enough yet to root it, I love my Galaxy Note. Plus the Note screen bigger 5.3″ and 1280×800 pix.

    • Ted Raymundo

      Yes, because giving your phone the ability to do so much more is crazy.

  • Magus2300

    Why? Why EVER?!

  • Ted Raymundo

    Touchwiz is basura.

  • ReverseRoxas

    Oh my God. We got a Redditor who took those screenshots. I shall see you sir, at Midnight.

  • surge

    Stable on Skyrocket

  • Ilan Cortes

    My girlfriend and her friend were waiting for this!.. and my brother.. and my brothers girlfriend… and my other… brother. damn…

    I think the masses love touchwiz. I don’t understand why you guys HATE it.
    To me, nothing is prettier than stock ICS. But I love touchwiz

  • Dustin

    I like pure stock rom’s, I really do, but I love Sense. I have had 4 HTC phones (eris, inc, tb, now the rezound). If I could get Sense 4.0 on G-Nex I would pick one up in a heart beat. The only thing that keeps me with HTC is I’ve been able to have AOSP & Sense, and as soon as.the official release of ICS comes out for the Rezound it will only be a matter of time till we get aosp. Ditch Samsung and pick up a HTC!

    • iwave

      Have to admit, after nearly three years of Cyanogenmod, I was pleasantly surprised by my first experience of Sense on the Sensation. The biggest drawback, of course, was that it meant the phone didn’t multitask properly (although enabling swap would probably fix it), so now I’m back on CM9.

  • DavidVarghese


  • TheCaprican

    Build the bridge. They will come.

  • Guest

    Might as well, the nexus is supported and updated like its a skinned phone.

  • IcJc

    Got it working on epic 4g touch

  • zedthegreat

    Some people like skins!!!! When done well they offer differentiation and additional features. I understand why we dont like them poorly implemented, but if all phones were stock we would just have a different Windows phone.

  • FlamingoAttack

    I kind of agree with your view on TouchWiz, but here’s why it’s not blasphemous to install it at your own volition:

    The hate for TouchWiz isn’t just because it’s TouchWiz… it’s because Samsung forces it on us with no other option. Many people, and this site included, often praise and enjoy using other launchers because it’s fun to *choose* to customize your phone and try out new things. So what modders have done is to turn TouchWiz into an option now, that people want to try out, instead of an evil thing that you want to exorcise from your phone forever.

    No one says it’s blasphemous to install Nova launcher, or Go Launcher.

  • Sean Livingston

    blashpemous… lol. the phone is not God;

  • Galaxy S3 Apps

    Dont understand why you would do this ?