Nvidia Says 30 Tegra 3 Phones Are Due Out This Year – Quad-Core “Budget” Phones, Anyone?


Earlier today, we told you guys about Nvidia’s Icera 410 modem winning validation for use on AT&T’s LTE network but it wasn’t met with much enthusiasm. I guess nobody’s eyes widen at the prospect of quad-core devices finally coming stateside. Fine. But maybe this news will get your motors purring.

Nvidia’s Tegra 3 quad-core processor has been doing pretty well for itself. So well, in fact, that Nvidia’s GM Mike Rayfield announced the news today that the company has plans to release 30 more Tegra 3 powered phones worldwide before the end of the year. But wait — there’s more. 13 of these phones will be affordable budget phones with a transfer price of under $300 (not retail price). Compare this to 2011 in which we saw 15 Tegra 2 devices and zero of them that hit that entry level price-point.

Wasting no time, Mr. Rayfield also spoke briefly about the successor to Nvidia’s Icera i410 modem (the one we told you about earlier today), boasting that it will deliver next-gen LTE speeds faster than anything we’ve seen to date. That modem will come integrated inside Nvidia’s next-gen Tegra processor due out in 2013 dubbed “Grey.”


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  1. People’s eyes don’t widen because Snapdragon’s processors already support
    LTE and their dual core processors provide similar performance. On top of that, Snapdragon actually releases their driver source, unlike Nvidia.

    1. Oh snap! (dragon)

    2. Not to mention that if I remember correctly, the article also suggested, as does this one, that said modem won’t be in phones in the foreseeable future. My guess is that there, similarly, won’t be any eyes popping about this “news” either, since presumably none of those 30 phones will have the new modem and are therefore unlikely to make it to the US, and by 2013 most of us are expecting biologically-based phones which are fully integrated into the cerebral cortex via a simple out-patient procedure. By comparison to expectations, Wayne, Grey and Icera are bound to be a disappointment.

  2. Yeeeeehaaaawwww!!!

  3. I LOVE that its 2012 and the words quad-core and budget are already in the same sentence. I love that android offers options for everyone.

  4. Haha. Until they support LTE, who cares about Tegra 3. None of them are going to hit the United States anyways.

    1. The Tegra 3 will support LTE radios shortly if their timeline is correct.

      1. I hope so :)

  5. err, I hate to sound ignorant but what the heck is a clamshell?

    1. The nintendo ds and ds and the sony tablet p are all clamshell devices meaning they close like a clamshell. As for the LTE thing isnt that only for running on AT&T considering none of the other LTE networks are compatible with each other?

  6. S4 is already better, and S4pro will be released at the end of Fall … cool story bro.

    1. Cool story + bro = auto -1

  7. Why is it going to take them a year? And what is Tegra 3 Plus?

  8. htc one x’s cpu is going to be available on budget phones too?
    Glad I got the SIII

  9. “I guess nobody’s eyes widen at the prospect of quad-core devices finally coming stateside.”

    We saw the benchmarks of Kal-El vs Krait. Superman lost.

    Maybe Phoenix or Batman can do better?

    Basically, Nvidia can stick to Tablets, they won’t be missed on phones where Cellular Radios matter.

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