Best Buy Now Alerting HTC EVO 4G LTE Pre-Orders of Indefinitely Delayed Shipment Date


Earlier today, we reported that Best Buy was notifying pre-orders that the HTC EVO 4G LTE would arrive on May 23rd, a few days later than the original May 18th launch date. This came after news that both the EVO and One X were being held up at Customs, and lead a few to believe (or hope, rather) that this would be the new “official” launch date.

Well, Best Buy is now sending out emails correcting the mix up, letting Evolte pre-orders know that the device has now been delayed indefinitely, with no expected date on when it may arrive. Still bad news, I know, but that sounds more in line with what we’ve been hearing. As you were…

Thanks, Alex!

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  1. For Sprint this could be a blessing as it gives them more time to work on their LTE network and delay the phone without having anything to do with it.

    1. I don’t see how having one of your major releases for the summer delayed by Apple and the ITC is ever a blessing.They were obviously comfortable releasing it without LTE and the sold out preorders show customers were as well. Speaking of preorders there are plenty of customers who are mad at Sprint whether that is right or wrong is irrelevant. Reading through the forums there are plenty of pist off customers who are talking about leaving Sprint calling this the last straw. Certainly it is out of their control but that is not going to stop people from blaming them and leaving.

      1. Agreed. It really is out of Sprints control… I don’t blame Sprint but I certainly won’t stay with them at this point, already called them yesterday to verify my ETF, if there are some One Xs still available at an AT&T store I may be jumping over.

        1. I hope you do find one. It is becoming harder to find one Xs at local brick and mortar AT&T stores. At least in FL, my friend has called about 6 stores, and not 1 has the One X in stock. I feel bad for both Sprint and AT&T customers. I have had the AT&T version for about 2 weeks and I all I can say this phone is amazing. A big step up from my captivate.

  2. this is apples attempt at remaining relevant. they are trying to” ice the kicker “here so to speak. thier iphone 5 is obviously gonna release with the exact same or incredably comparable specs (with a smaller screen).
    HTC and Samsung will eat ALOT of market space before apple can even get started marketing to crap hack apple fanboy sites like boy genuious reports and engadget, or before apple can “accidentally” leave iphones in bars.
    this is just apples attempt at easing that loss.

  3. We can all blame APPLE for the delay. I don’t see anything that the ONE X looks like the shitty iPhone

    1. It wasn’t about looks….. It was about a feature that no phone was supposed to be released with after April. The feature was being able to tap on a number (like in an email) and taking you directly to a call.

      How did they even get a Patent on that? Ugh

  4. I’m a little disappointed that Amazon hasn’t addressed this issue at all. I haven’t received any email and my order status still shows an estimated delivery date of May 22, although it still shows as not shipped.

    1. Just logged into mine and now showing estimated delivery date of July 5. :(

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