Google Maps Updated With Easy To Find, Easy To Save Google Offers and Indoor Walking Directions

Today, Maps was updated to version 6.7 in the Play Store and integrates Google Offers inside the Maps app. adds the new features to see available Google Offers in your area, straight from within the Maps app. Clicking on Maps dropdown menu inside the app pulls up a list of all nearby available Offers in your area, and you can even switch to map view and see exactly where each of them are located. See something you like? You can either redeem the Offer and that time, or save for later — the choice is up to you. And, if you like, you can even opt-in to receive notifications whenever there are offers nearby.

Also added was their all new indoor walking directions for businesses that have provided Google with their floor plans. Now, you’ll never find yourself lost inside a new mall, always knowing exactly how to get to Cinnabon in the shortest amount of time (still waiting on turn-by-turn indoor navigation).

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  • sc4fpse

    “Turn right at Hot Topic.”
    “In fifty feet, turn right at Ay-berr-crohm-bee and Fitch.”
    “In one hundred feet, turn left at Victoria’s Secret…. rerouting.”
    “In ten feet, make a U-turn.”
    “In twenty feet, your destination will be on the right.”

    • Chris Chavez


  • Jason Farrell

    How often do people get lost indoors? :)

    Maybe malls and casinos…


      You don’t know my mother.

    • Chris Chavez

      I hate malls -_-

    • Marsg

      airports, theme parks ?

      • Jason Farrell

        Aren’t most theme parks (disneyland, etc) outdoors?

        As for airports, can’t say I’ve ever really felt lost in one, since all of the major airports I’ve visited have sequential gate number directions that are easy to follow. Still, might be handy to locate Starbucks or whatever.

        • Marsg

          Well theme parks are technically outdoors but i was thinking they might have map directions for when inside the theme park, there actually is a app for Disney World displaying the directions and wait times but there are other parks that don’t have an app so that might be useful, And yea its a pain finding Starbucks inside of the airport and when you find one of those you are here maps, most of the times its surrounded by a group of people

  • Defenestratus

    BTW, it doesn’t fix the bug where it wont dictate the street names.

    • TheScientists

      Was about to ask this. Dammit, Google.

      Looks like I’m sticking w/ v.6.0.

  • NYCHitman1

    Supposedly this new update really roughed things up. >_<

  • Daniel Bula

    What about Navigation in Puerto Rico? This is an old request.

  • charlesjames

    only in US again!

  • Marsg

    Do you have to be inside the building to get the indoor directions because im trying to test it out but i dont get the option not even with the airports

  • Marsg

    here’s a link with a list of all the places that have indoor directions :