HTC One S Gets A Kickstand With Introduction of Official OEM Case

Looks like HTC is getting into the accessories business — well, at least making a bigger push into it. Now that they’ve launched their One line across multiple carriers and countries around the world, it’s time to dress up those sexy devices in some stylish cases, starting with the One S. It’s been talked about time, and time again in Android circles. Probably the most lustworthy feature in a phone isn’t the display, it’s not battery life or even “teh corez.” Ever since the introduction of the HTC EVO 4G almost 2 years ago to this day, the world has been clamoring for a… the kickstand.

Well, for HTC One S users, it seems Peter Chou and Co are bringing their dreams a little closer to reality with these stylish, protective cases for the One S featuring that oft requested kickstand. The case itself is a plastic hard shell case with soft touch finish ($25) and comes with the optional, spring-loaded aluminum kickstand version for $40. Not much protection across the top/bottom and front, but that’s often the price we pay for added pleasure.

HTC also revealed plans for a variety of TPU cases (my personal favorite form of protection) for the HTC One X which should be made available around the same time as these One S versions. HTC says, “soon.” Anyone thinking of picking these up?


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  • John

    Grey looks legit.

  • UMA_Fan

    LOVE my One S. Will definitely pick up one of these with the kickstand. especially if it comes in white to give it a one x look.

  • Ty Easterling

    I dont own an HTC device but these cases are awesome! I wish Samsung would make something similiar for the Galaxy Nexus!

  • Billy_Joe_Bob

    The Thunderbolt kickstand is perfect. Works GREAT in both positions. This looks like it will only work in the horizontal position.

  • Rob

    Are there after market cases with kick stands

    • Chris Chavez

      Yeah, I’ve seen them from time to time online. They’re usually a lot cheaper price and quality wise. Even the kickstand is usually a cheap plastic thingie.

      Never seen one with the quality of HTC’s.

  • Fred G. Vader

    What the heck does TPU stand for?

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      Thermoplastic polyurethane, TPU.

  • Mark Seven

    $40 bucks for a case tho?? You’ll probaby be able to find an aftermarket one for half that or less online…

  • avengers


  • Rob

    Thanks Chris.
    You ROCK as always.
    Can I suggest a head to head comparison article between the AT&T One XL & the T-Mo One?
    Would be helpful I think

  • mhmmd123

    Thanks, if I need one with a kickstand, I`ll get the EVO 4G LTE on Sprint.

  • express

    where can i buy one this cover from?