AT&T’s HTC One X Bootloader Locked Up – Other Variants Get Off Scott-Free


Looks like the AT&T version of the HTC One X differs from the international version in more ways than just the processor found inside. Paul O’brien and friends over at MoDaCo have uncovered an interesting bit of news about the AT&T One X that could pose a problem for those looking to flash custom ROMs onto the device.

According to Mr. Obrien, he and a few others are being greeted by a “MID ERROR 160” when attempting to unlock the bootloader on the AT&T One X through HTCDev. Again, this error hasn’t showed up when unlocking the Euro or Canadian version of the One X and seems to be a unique issue only to the AT&T version. There’s a wide range of reasons why a carrier would want to go through the trouble of requesting a device’s bootloader remain locked and it’s also very possible that a future update could fix this roadblock. But as it stands today, the HTC One X on AT&T is currently un-unlockable.

Chris Chavez
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  1. Ahhhh shit, its about to get real >.>

  2. no surprise, ATT loves to lock their phones when others don’t

    1. verizon motorola.

  3. You know they really put a lot of effort into locking these phones down, i mean they are just going to be unlocked again in a very short amount of time, its inevitable. they might as well make it as easy as possible for us to unlock

  4. HTC -> Failed

    SGS III, comes to papa

    1. AT&T fail

    2. Just wait until AT&T gets their hands on Samsung’s bootloader O_o

    3. lol this has nothing to do with HTC, this is ATT screwing its customers again… a favorite hobby of theirs

      1. haha att: “screwing w/customers is our hoby!” Yup

    4. Just wait, the AT&T GSIII will get locked too.

      1. And every other AT&T phone.

  5. Do you mean unable to be unlocked?

  6. I think you mean not unlockable.

    1. @tim242:disqus @8e26a460938e6478aa0c57ee49b5a20d:disqus Oops. Forgot an extra “un” in there. Lol Thanks xD

      1. As a former at&t employee, I can tell you that the correct way to say this is “not unlockable.” Un-unlockable just sounds silly : )

        1. Well maybe he is just trying to express his un unsilly side.

        2. Unpossible!

        3. I am a silly person.. :p

  7. Isn’t this great? This is why I love android. *popcorn.gif

  8. It’s actually scot-free.

  9. Duh, that’s just AT&T shoving a pole a bit deeper into everyone of our asses. And I’m sure we’ll get some “GSIII FTW!” comments, but don’t worry, AT&T will mess you up too.

    1. yeah but Samsung keeps their Galaxy S line unlocked…at least

  10. I don’t understand why carriers and manufacturers do this. The amount of people who unlock the bootloader, root, and flash custom ROMs is so small compared to those don’t, so why do they even bother with this BS?

  11. XDA will work around it just like they have with every phone

  12. I give XDA 2 weeks give or take.

  13. Hahahaha. Sorry. Hahahaha.

  14. People talk about Verizon being bad….. and they are…. but I think AT&T is on par if not worse.

  15. Guess the T-Mobile version aint so bad after all.

  16. Oh oh!! and get ready to pay more for your rate plan, at&t need to re-coop the 3 billion they just lost to tmobile fail merger, Sorry for the bad news at&t customers, at&t keep on given it to ya and you just keep on coming back for more.

  17. I’m already set on this phone, but hopefully this changes sometime in the near future. I don’t think I’ll mind Sense 4.0, but 2 years of it?

    1. We’ll have something on XDA. Don’t worry.

  18. no one is forcing you people to buy it so quit complaining, if you dont want to deal with this then buy the international version

  19. locked Bootloader
    locked battery door & No MicroSD Slot

    = FAIL

    (for me)

  20. This is just one more reason to avoid AT&T.

    I was hoping that they would stop butchering their Android phones.

  21. I was planning on getting this phone next month, guess I’ll wait and see what happens with the next nexus. The line it takes to get it unlocked the less dev support there will be for it. Maybe the sgs3 will come to att with the quad core, if not I’ll pass on it also. Not a big fan of tw but atleast it will get tons of support.

  22. Maybe they can juopunutbear working on this

  23. HTC One series is really nice but they’ve shot themselves in the foot with the locked battery and no Micro SD card support, with the bootloader gate it’s just now an absolute deal breaker, no way no how… I’m sticking with my SGSII until the SGSIII comes to the USA. Let’s hope the Bootloader stays unlocked.
    OAN, why do these idiotic US carriers always mock about with the phones that come to the US, the international versions stay pure like the manufacturers intend, but the US versions are always defiled with all manner of carrier abominations.

  24. Here we go again.

    Phone meh, until bootloader unlocked, and CM9 is supported.

  25. If AT&T locks the GS3, I’m sticking to my Captivate until an unlock is found.

  26. The best way to send the message to AT&T and HTC is to return them in your 30 day window. Re-buy it once it is unlockable.

  27. i hate carriers. im honestly considering switching to prepaid and buying my phones unlocked internationally. using my nexus s without any restrictions is amazing.

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