comScore: Android now on 51 percent of smartphones, Samsung leading the pack


Android has grown its market share by close to 4 points since December, according to the latest report from comScore. In their latest survey of American mobile subscribers, which accounts for the first three months of 2012, the analytics firm found that Android held the majority share of the US smartphone market with 51 percent. The number was last tallied at 47.3 percent in December.

Driving Android’s growth has been none other than Samsung. The company ranked as the top mobile OEM with a 26 percent share when factoring in both smartphones and non-smartphones. The Korean manufacturer hasn’t shown much growth since December when their handsets accounted for 25.3 percent of the market, which was still good for first place. Following Samsung is LG — likely driven more by their feature phone offerings than smartphones  — and Apple. Samsung’s biggest rival did see good growth moving from a 12.4 percent share to 14 percent. Motorola and HTC round out the top manufacturers.

With the upcoming release of their Galaxy S3 flagship, Samsung is likely to continue the trend of market dominance. We can expect a good fight from Apple and their legion of loyal fans and HTC hopes to gain some ground with the release of the One series of Android handsets. With all the competition, it sure is a good time to be a smartphone buyer.

[via comScore]

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  1. It’s very surprising how LG is second and how HTC is last. I personally don’t know anyone with an LG smartphone, but I see HTC phones all the time.

    1. Note that the graph represents all phones, not just smartphones.  While I would bet HTC has a decent share of smartphones (though I bet Samsung still comes in first) LG makes many, many dumb phones and feature phones.

    2. This table includes non-smartphones

    3. LG was all the rage with feature phones. The envy series was a huge seller and not all of those people have upgraded to smartphones yet. Hell, I just gave my old envy to my mother, so there’s another one still in service.

  2. Follow the source link for the relevant table, the one showing smartphone platform share. Android (“Google”) is up 3.7% to 51%. Apple is up 1.1% to 30.7%. RIM is down 3.7% to 12.3%. And Microsoft, amazingly, is still shedding market share: down 0.8% to 3.9%.

    Goodbye Nokia. Did you ever bet on the wrong horse! (And could you possibly have executed it any worse?)

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