Android Open Kang Project reaches Milestone 5, now on Android 4.0.4


The team behind the Android Open Kang Project has announced a new milestone in the development of the custom ROM — Milestone 5, to be exact. The Android 4.0.4-based version of the alternative OS build features plenty of bug fixes and other enhancements. AOKP has been growing in popularity at a rapid rate, and while we suspect it may have something to do with magical unicorns and rainbow dust it also probably has plenty to do with the ROM’s aptitude for custom skins and the hard work of a dedicated team of devs. The full and impressive changelog can be found over at the source link below.

[AOKP via DroidLife, DroidDog]

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  1. I love what AOKP brings…but seriously what is UP with the pink unicorn????????

    1. Never question a mythical creature

    2. To each there own and I leave the maker to deal with the idiots who think its their earth bound duty to give them shit about their choices ^_^. Its between them and “insert random deity or lack thereof here”

    3. You’re joking right?? About the homosexual thing

    4. Damn it, Chris…. Just when I thought I’d figured you out, you throw a curveball. Not that I really care what team you’re batting for, but it’s more to understand what kind of humor you’re trying to convey… Sigh… 

      1. Not that I care about his sexual preferences, whatever they may be, but I think this is a Chavez impersonator….notice the underscore between the first and last name. That underscore is not present in Chris’ other posts.

        Or Im wrong. 0_o

        1. No, I believe that you’re absolutely correct. :(

        2. And now the post is gone… suspicious indeed! 

          1. Not suspicious. The imposter is now banned. ;)

  2. I still find it odd that on any AOKP I cant use modified apks..Ive talked to other themers and they say they have been told its because you have to be synced with source which totally sucks!!

    Its kinda like a carrier telling me what software to run.

    Im not doing all that to theme a messaging app…All these modified apks work fine on cm9 so I’ll be sticking with that..

  3. Ha ha ha!
    If you have to ask about the pink unicorn, ur not a real man!

  4. Rom is sic. 

  5. AOKP is for lovers

  6. This runs amazingly on the Evo 3D. Although 4G and the back camera doesn’t work (front does), it still has less bugs and runs smoother than any stock Evo 3D based ROM.

  7. How life works:

    See things like this on xda.

    2 days pass.

    See it on Phandroid.

    1.  It seems then that the filter is working. I didn’t read this on xda.

    2. The process is:
      1. See it in XDA Forums
      2. see it two days later on Phandroid.
      3. See it weeks later in the XDA portal.

  8. Installed m3 on my gn last week. 2hrs later, went back to MIUI.

    1. Why would you flash m3? There have been.tons of builds and 2 milestones since then. I’m staying on build 34. M5 caused dim back light.

  9. Rom has everything you could want runs smooth and fast. Dont like the unicorn…disable it.

  10. Download this app called AniBoot to change unicorn. Two clicks you got new bootanimation

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