Square relaunches Card Case as ‘Pay with Square,’ brings geo-fenced payments to Android


Square is relaunching their Card Case app, reminding us all that the company not only allows users to accept payments, but also to make payments of their own. What will from here on out be known as Pay with Square provides hands-free, NFC-free payments via a newly updated app for Android that brings its feature set in line with that of iOS. The app gets a complete overhaul in the process.

The refreshed UI now provides a list of nearby merchants sorted by relevancy along with the ability to search among the over 70,000 retailers accepting Square payments. Users can even find locations on a map or share them among friends via text, email, or Twitter. The revamped app provides plenty to work with, but it doesn’t stop there. Pay with Square now offers geo-fenced payments, a task which involved the creation of new location APIs. With geo-fenced payments tabs are automatically created based on location.

If you’re ready to let Square make your mobile payment dreams come true, head over to Google Play to snatch the download now.

Google Play Link: Pay with Square

[via Engadget]

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