Angry Birds Space downloaded 10 million times in first three days


And here we were thinking the Angry Birds craze had somehow died down. Rovio dropped some stats on us via Twitter to reaffirm their flying birds as the royalty of smartphone gaming, revealing that Angry Birds Space has reached 10 million downloads after only three days of availability. The exact split between operating system, paid, and free versions was not detailed so we can’t say how many of those downloads originated with Android. Regardless, it’s quite the feat.

I’ll assume quite a few of you reading this have been flinging birds in zero gravity throughout the weekend. How are you liking the latest from Rovia so far?

[via SlashGear]

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  1. Definitely different, haven’t finished yet though

  2. I stopped playing after reached the ice level.

    1. Really?  I like the ice ones.

  3. I like the new game a lot.  But some of the levels are a bit big for my 4.3 inch screen.  Look great on my tab though.

  4. Gotta chime in here; This is by far the bst istallment of Angry Birds that i have ever had the chance to enjoy. Now I by no means a hardcore gamer, not even SURE if one can be called a hardcore gamer on an Android phone, but I’ve played every AB’s so far and this version takes the EGG (cake)!!! great graphics, even better soundtrack and great game play. The subraction of gravity makes the whole game and the physics seem to make perfectly. Thanks again Rovio for such a great, FREE way to get my managers pissed at me!!!

  5. I’ve been enjoying the latest installment.  The gravity around small planets that you shoot birds at is enough of a twist to totally capture my attention all over again.  It does look like the game was built for tablets…loading screen does not fit properly and  birds look tiny on most levels.  Still great fun though.

  6. Space seems much easier than previous installments. I got 3 out of 3 eggs on the first two levels way too quickly (<= 10 tries on average). In the others it'd sometimes take dozens of tries, and in extreme cases I'd cheat by checking youtube. :)

  7. Freakin’ love angry birds space, already wizzd thru it. Waitin’ on New lvls lol

  8. ABS is what AB should have been from the start!

  9. Ign review 8.5 out of 10. Thank god angry bird went into something fresh. Too much milking going on with the other angry birds!

  10. Totally worth the .99 I paid. It doesn’t hurt that I have a Samsung phone, so I get the 3rd set of levels…

  11. Awesome game, finished all the boards on both available levels, now trying to get 3 stars on every board….finished Pig Bang, working on the ice level…….waiting for new levels. The guy that said it is easier and he whizzed thru with 3 stars every board is full of it, hes just embarrased, its much more difficult.   

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