Ice Cream Sandwich leaks for the AT&T Galaxy S II Skyrocket


While the world’s attention is turned to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III, it’s easy to forget that a whole boatload of Galaxy S II devices are still waiting for an update to Android 4.0. OK, so it’s not that easy to forget. Though Samsung has started pushing Ice Cream Sandwich for the international GSII it hasn’t exactly been a quick process. The wait will continue for many, but in the meantime owners of the Galaxy S II Skyrocket on AT&T are now getting an early peek at what to expect thanks to a leaked Android 4.0.3 build.

According to RootzWiki, the software is “fully functional” and ready to go, though it may not be the final build. We suspect users are bound to run across a few bugs that still need hammering out. Does this mean we can expect the official update soon? If only I were clairvoyant. Your guess on that is still as good as mine.

[via RootzWiki]

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  1. And what about the regular ole AT&T GSII? Was disappointed to see that the Vivid had already received the ICS update before the GSII. HTC always seems to have updates out for their AT&T phones before Samsung. 

  2. Works gr8

  3. HTC is the best on updates.

  4. Looks like update will be quick too for my LTE Note.
    Go Samsung Go

  5. I can confirm the leak works Android 4.0.3

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