Huawei Ascend P1 launching in April, China gets first dibs

Though attention has shifted to Huawei’s quad-core devices since January, the Ascend P1 still looks to make a splash. The handset, which was first unveiled at CES, looks to make its debut in April according to news out of a recent Huawei event. The phone will launch first in China and follow up with releases in Europe, Russia, Japan, and Australia. A potential North American release was not detailed.

The Huawei Ascend P1, though specced with a dual-core processor and 4.3-inch qHD display, is lacking in wow factor compared to the ultra-thin Ascend P1 S (featuring near identical internal hardware) and the quad-core Ascend D Quad. It still looks to be among the best Huawei has ever offered. Considering the manufacturer’s history of entry level devices, that’s not a hard mark to meet.

[via UnwiredView]

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  • David Pat

    The decline of the West continues

    • actual_it_guy

      you should come to a real tech site, like the verge. You would learn a lot.

  • Jaswinder Singh

    Why does this phone look like the Nokia Lumia 900?

  • DarrenR

    We need more phones in crazy colors.

  • Samsung_Apple_Fan

    if thats not an ugly ass color, i don’t know what is. and it looks like the galaxy s wtf.

    • Ash

       There are other colors, and no it doesn’t.

  • setspeed

    Why not have some new colour choices? I’m so bored of black, white, grey or metal finishes.

  • Aaron Sentell

    It looks like poop.

    • Ash

       If your poop is that color, you need to go see a dcotor.

    • Samsung_Apple_Fan

      it does, and i hate their logo as well

  • James G

    That color is so familiar… OH RIGHT! I see that 30 mins after I drink a glass of water! At least it’ll blend in when I accidently drop it in the toilet!

    • Ash

       Drink more water, your pee is yellow cuz you are dehydrated.
      If that’s not the case, go see a doctor.

      Oh BTW, the phone come in different colors.