Dual-SIM HTC Wind unveiled in China, takes its cues from the One S


Leading into the new year HTC preached a strategy that would see fewer new handsets from the manufacturer coming to market in 2012. Three months in and it’s starting to seem like that might not be the case. While the introduction of the One series seemed like a move in the right direction, several new handset have surfaced since then to suggest that HTC isn’t quite ready to slow down. The latest is a phone which takes a few design cues from the HTC One S and packages them with dual-SIM capabilities.

The HTC Wind was recently unveiled in China, a region where dual-SIM devices continue to thrive. It features a 4-inch Super LCD display at WVGA resolution, a 1GHz single-core processor, and 512MB of RAM. Perhaps most intriguing is that the Android 4.0 device also comes skinned with a variant of Sense 4, a version of the custom UI said to be reserved for devices bearing HTC One branding. The Wind doesn’t look to come with a One tag. That’s a big mixed message considering the range of devices from HTC that will receive or launch with Ice Cream Sandwich but only see Sense version 3.6.

All things considered, we don’t see the Wind launching outside of China, where it should retail for about 2,000 yuan.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. 2,000 YUAN!!!! NOW THAT’S A LOT OF RICE PADDIES!!!! But all joking aside this is a pretty damn nice phone. I miss HTC, ever since I bought my 1st Android device which happened to be the G1, I’ve never found build quality as good as HTC. i love my Nexus S but Samsung’s handsets just don’t seem as “sound” as other HTC phones I’ve held. Overall though, as long as I’m running Android I’m still in the running. WindowsPhone SUCKS and iphone is slowly losing their momentum……we’re coming for you….Mr. JOBS!!!!

    1.  Mr. Jobs has left the building.

    2. Nice phone? It sucks.. single core processor, 512mb of ram is a great phone in 2010, not 2012

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