Instagram sign-up page goes live, Android app closer to release


After a long, very long wait, Instagram finally decided to give its fans something to look for, earlier this month. Co-founder Kevin Systrom took the stage at SXSW to show a bit of the Android app, and let us know that it was finally soon to be released. And it seems that day is now getting much closer, as an official sign-up page has just gone live.

You can go ahead and sign up for notifications at After that, you will be notified as soon as the app becomes available.

It is important to note that this is a good app to look forward to. Instagram has over 27 million subscribers on iOS alone, so you can be sure that many of your friends will already be there waiting for you. But aside from that, Systrom mentioned at SXSW that “in some ways, it is better than their iOS app.”

We do not exactly know what better aspects or features the Android app could have. But it is rather impressive to hear someone say that. One of the main complaints about Android revolves around applications, which can be poorly developed, and many times not as good as iOS apps.

When this app shows up, we might have a great way to edit and share our images with all our friends. And probably even better than the iOS team, if Systrom happens to be right. Of course, there are already many ways to edit and share images, but the amount of subscribed users makes it a much more enticing application (much like Facebook).

Go sign up and let us know what you think! Are any of you waiting for Instagram Android app?

[Source: Instagram Via: Instagram (Twitter)]

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  1. I don’t really get the ‘social’ aspects of Instagram. Like, why should I care how many users they have? I’m going to share my photos on Twitter and Facebook where they will be accessed by a much larger audience, so the app I use to make my pics look lo-fi isn’t really the important factor.

  2. i’ve been waiting for this app for over a year now. so glad to see its finally making its way to android.

  3. So glad to see this app finally coming to Android! So many of my iPhone friends use it every day, and I’ll finally be able to join in on the fun :)

  4. I already share my pictures to Facebook and Twitter. And I don’t like the color of Instagram pictures.

  5. Still don’t get people wanting to “join in on the fun” when there are already filter apps for Android and you can obviously share on any social network. This app was a fix for iOS’s lack of sharing options.

    Kills me how folks get excited behind a name and not the actual features.

  6. NICE!! now my MIUI rom nearly complete! 

  7. Eh, I refuse to reward developers who have a wait and see attitude. They could have jumped in long ago but didn’t. Meanwhile, small developers like Neilandtheresa jumped in early and did A LOT of hard work with Vignette. Support the developers who are willing to take the time and effort and not the ones that decide that all of a sudden now that Android has market share, they’ll jump in now.

  8. The main reason this product is so popular on IOS is IOS does not provide apps native access to share like Android does.   We take for granted that any app we install automatically has access to all comm apps also installed.   This is not the case with IOS.  Developers have to write specific access to comm apps in IOS.  Remember when they announced integration with twitter like it was a big deal?  Much of what instagram does for IOS is part of native Android. (Minus the bad filters)

  9. Signed up and ready to go! I’ve been waiting for Instagram to come to Android for a very long time..

  10. ROFLMFAO I agree with many. It was a fix for iOS. Instagram is lame it’s for the drones out there. Oh cool I get to share pics with lame filters can’t wait. Oh wait been doing that for a long time now without Instagram.

  11. I use Camera ZOOM FX and can produce the same photos as my IOS friends with Instagram.  Still nice to see some other options……we will see how android fans with take to it…..I know I will at least try it!!!

  12. I never understood and still don’t what the big deal about instagram is.

  13. I have no idea what the big deal is with this…other than all the blogs hyping an app too no end which is no more than many of the great apps Android already has except for the ‘social’ feature…whoo hooo…whatever…

    Here’s a thought….maybe instead blogs should HIGHLIGHT the many, many awesome filter apps on Android instead of all sounding like I want what they have mentality. Which by the way I think Android users aren’t unlike the other OS.

    I can already use Pixlr-o-matic(nicely done app btw) and instantly share. It’s nice to have more options certainly but I’m going to support devs that came on board at the start and not now all jump on board because of market share and didn’t give a rats ass about Android before.

  14. This isn’t just a photo editing app people. The trump card of Instagram is the network. like Flickr but for mobile devices. Not the editing. Heck, there are iOS apps these days that allow uploading to instagram, along with fb, twitter etc. THAT is the USP of this. not the filters, which i admit, are heavily overused.

    1. This has been addressed in this thread. In the first comment (from me), actually. Their ‘network’ is a fraction of the audience you get with Twitter & Facebook. Don’t kid yourself — the only reason this app is popular is its perceived coolness, not it’s actual functions.

  15. why do people use this crappy program?  just use lightroom, 10000 times better

  16. i dont get Instagram… it doesn’t sound exciting.. whats the big deal  lol

  17. who really cares? not me.

  18. I signed up for the release. Just to see if Instagram is worth shouting about…

  19. I like Vignette alot better.

  20. I’m curious to see what all the hype is about, so I signed up for it. I’m not expecting it to be much better then what is already on the Android Mar… Google Play.

  21. I’ve gotten used to being on the opposite side of most opinion here.  So it’s very nice that most everyone also feels little interest in Instagram and is far from thrilled by a company that expects to be treated well after treating a large market segment like crap for a very long time.

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