Humor: What else is a new iPad good for?


Everybody and their mom is purchasing iPads. The third-generation tablet was recently released, and Apple sold over 3 million just over the weekend. But us hardcore Android fans most likely didn’t go wait in line for it (or ordered it). But if one of you did, here is a little extra something the device could be used for!

In this humorous video, an old parent found an ingenious way to use that brand new device. He probably has a good Tegra 3 tablet somewhere, that he actually uses. The video is in German, but here is my short translation:

  • Daughter: “Yo, dad! How you liking that iPad we got you?! It must be treating you nice.”
  • Dad: “Yeah, it’s all good. I found I can use it for a bunch of things!”

Ok, so maybe my German isn’t exactly the best. But you get the gist of it. Check out the video and let us know what you think? What else would you use an iPad for?

Thanks, Droid Tran!

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. I come here for android news idk about you guys

    1. But we don’t cover ONLY Android news. Sometimes we deviate from the regular old Android news of the day (reviews, contests, mobile/tech news, humor). 

      This was one of those times. Not to mention, others seemed to like it. =p

      1. not only others, but me; and we all know that this is the most important thing. Ryan, your argument is invalid. 

      2. Don’t even bother responding to him Chris. A little variety never hurts anything.

  2. Yea, I get the gist* of it -.-

  3. Shut up Meg!

  4. hahahahahahhaha

  5. My first leap into the smartphone world was a iPhone first gen. I loved it to bits untill o2 sent me a text to tell me the new iPhone was available. O2 let everyone upgrade without a extra charge which I thought was nice. I kept it for the 2 years. Over all it was a good phone except for the rate they realised them. I then jumped onto the xperia x10 to a nexus S to a sensation Xe which is 3 generations of android devices including 1 honeycomb tablet and I’m starting to think android is going a little stale. I guess there’s only so many roms you can install and use.

    So I’m going to purchase a iPad 3. Mostly because my a500 broke and enjoyed browsing on it. The market has improved since I originaly used android but I do think that some apps are better on the other side of the pond.

    1. Well, since the iPad 3 has a good chance of being the fastest table of 2012 it might be a good choice.

      1. It’s already not the fastest tablet of 2012. Tegra 3 has inferior graphics compared to the ipad 3 but it has a faster cpu. And there are a little over 8 months for other companies to release faster dual cores or quad cores.

        1. My word you are naive, everytime Apple releases a device they give up 12 months for rivals to outdo them yet every single time they still remain the best, I wonder why that is … All the Android fanboys can say what they like but the fact is that Apple bring out 1 phone and 1 tablet and dominate a market that is saturated with hundreds of Android devices even if they do have specs that are better … It’s funny because I own a device from both OS’s and the fact that when the Samsung Galaxy SII came out it was being compared to an iPhone 4 that was, by the time of testing, almost a year old.

          Funny how people do comparisons months after a device came out like that somehow makes it more credible.

          1. Not being a fanboy here, but it is more funnier to me how often the latest Apple device gets compared to a past Android product, and Apple loses.

            Not trying to start a war, just pointing out what you willingly decided to ignore.

  6. Hmm.. that girl is also in some other funny clips… but it sounds like Spanish to me …

    1. definitely german

    2.  Bist du krank?

    3. Sie haben keine Ahnung 

  7. Daughter: Hey dad, I nearly forgot to ask! How are you getting along with your new iPad we gave you on your birthday?
    Dad: Good!
    Daughter: Are you having any troubles with your apps?
    Dad: What apps? Sorry could you move aside….

    1. then dad: what’s wrong? at the end

  8. LOL

  9. Oh oh better not let the iSheep see this.

  10. NOTHING that’s it

  11. this pic of the new ipad is going viral.

  12. New I pad I found out is a excellent coaster for drinks. Had a party last night if it wasn’t for the new ipad I would of clearly ran out of coasters but with its nice size. 6 beers fit comfortable on my new ipad.

  13. My buddy found the ipad useful for cutting up coke one nite. Note I don’t do coke. I’m a proud pothead and still use first Gen ipad to roll my joints thou.

  14. Hahahahahahahahahahaha about droped my phone that’s funny I don’t care who u r…….but them isheep might try and retaliate oh well

  15. Hate to admit it bought the new iPad for the wifey and kids.

  16. I come here mainly for Android news. But WTF sometimes gotta show your Phandroid side and take in some jokes that poke fun at the Jesus Phone and Tablet. So personally Ryan its your opinion but also you could just not read it and skip to the next blog entry.

  17. you forgot to mention that ipad3 has an overheating problem. video is real good though lol

  18. Come on is a great device, like most of the devices we got on our side, competition and innovation keep us with more choices, don’t get caught on the fan boy wagon… don’t fall on the silly mind games of most of the forums around the web.

  19. Geez! What is this, 9to5mac/cultofmac’s android equivalent? This could’ve been just tweeted. The iPad is the definitive tablet today. Lets just accept that fact and move on instead of mocking a competitor’s success. We cant be no 1 everywhere. 

  20. I used my friend’s new iPad the other night – came in handy for keeping my coffee warm when used as a coaster

  21. I heard I can use the area right above the processor to make Grilled Cheese on while I’m waiting to use it again. :)

  22. It was funny the first time I saw it. Kind of old now….

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