Army app marketplace prototype – Prepare to serve the country with the help of your smartphone


The US Army has just released a web-based app marketplace prototype that will offer a variety of apps for smartphone and tablet users. The app market place is meant to easily provide important information to all users, further helping them prepare to serve the country.

The list of apps include the Soldier’s Blue Book (entry training guide), Army Values, Army Social Media Handbook and Developing a Performance Work Statement.

“Training aids, planning tools and other apps in the Marketplace give Soldiers easy access to information we need to keep current” – Sgt. 1st Class Nannete Williams

The marketplace is currently limited to iOS devices. But Android devices will be included soon. Devices have to be approved by the Army’s Common Operating Environment on the Army network. So don’t go trying to access it if you are not allowed to (already tried), as it won’t work. But this is a great step to integrate mobile technology to a soldier’s life.

Said apps were developed by Army training schools, so it would also be a great way for aspiring soldiers to get more details about their future. Users can access the marketplace prototype at

[Source: Army Via: Engadget]

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  1. Don’t you hate it when you accidentally get your military app instead of Google’s voice search and instead of getting directions on how to nuke dinner, you end up nuking Denmark?

    Happens every single time.


    Uh, wait! I didn’t mean that!

  2. How the frick do they release a marketplace for a device known to not support external marketplaces natively and yet they don’t have one for the system that does? 

    1.  Secret military backdoor. :)

  3. Why would anyone in the Army use a phone that’s made out of glass?

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