The Millionth Samsung Galaxy S III leak


Yet another questionable friend of a Samsung employee has posted this image on Reddit, and went on to give some rather juicy details about it. There’s not much to say, other than “we can’t verify that this is the real deal”.

Backstory: I am using a throwaway and I’m not going to disclose ANY information about his job because it could jeopardize it. He sent me this picture (I know, he shouldn’t have used the flash but i guess we will take what we can get). Ok he gave me some specs as well. He said that it will possibly have two optional launchers, ICS with touchwiz overlay and vanilla ICS. They aren’t 100 percent sure if they will stick with touchwiz or have the dual launcher option. If they go dual, you will have the option of picking which one to use at startup, and you can change any time. He said it has a 4.7 inch screen that nearly takes up the whole phone, but some bezel space was needed for the camera, , speakers, mic, and so cases would fit on it. He said it WILL be HD and have a ceramic “micro arc oxidation” back.

He said the processor is a quad core exynos (spelling?) 4412. The screen is Super Amoled Plus with HD. The camera is a 12 megapixel with flash. 2 gigs of ram. And it is exactly 8 millimeters thick, and no bump this time around, just “smooth”. 2250 milla-amp/hour battery, but no wireless charging.

Thanks, Colton Kaiser.

[Reddit via SuperTechBlog]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. helll yeah this sounds promising…wish it was 5. inch phone..

    1. 5″, are you on crack, wtf do you need a phone that size for, just buy a tablet !!!

      1. I would buy a tablet if it had a phone. I wouldn’t hold the dang thing to my ear but I would use a bluetooth headpiece. 

      2. wtf are you stupid…how many time have you dropped your phone..? do you know what insurance is…i guess you dont.

      3. A tabla-phone is lyk a tablet. You can use it for calls, and still fit in your pocket. I’d definitely use the Galaxy Note, had I been on Tmo.(don’t argue, look it up). I’d be able to note take with it easy, playing games would be hella-fun, and calls can go to bluetooth.

        This helps so I don’t have to get a tablet and a phone.

  2. If it is not the SIII it begs the question. What is it?

    1. the galaxy note 2 galaxy journal?

    2. …fake

  3. Why don’t you guys find out what it is first before you go starting any rumors?

  4. This can’t be a Samsung Phone, no atrocious UI!

    1. TouchWiz is way better than Sense at least.

      1. i disagree

  5. That’s pretty much everything I was hoping for :D
    Please let this be true, that would be epic!!!

    1. Yeah, totally fake.
      This is starting to be like a mythical unicorn here… ;D

  6. no NFC?

    1. No, because it’s fake, lol. 
      But the SGSIII will have nfc

  7. Sorry phandroid, but can’t you guys look the picture first before post this article?  He already know that his Galaxy S III was poorly photoshop, that’s why he use same method to cover up his mistakes which is capture in blur camera. Take a look on the picture, surely someone take a GN display put in Galaxy S II and modified a bit.

    1. They didn’t even have to put a different display on it. I think ICS for GS II was pushed almost a week ago.

  8.  Now that is a leak I could believe. I’m running a stock ICS rom on my Spring E4GT, and it does have the ability to change from Touch Wiz and Stock ICS launcher. If you watch some of the videos made by ACSyndicate guy “QBKing77” on Youtube, where he reviews the leaked ICS roms for the E4GT, in a few of them he will show you how to switch from the TW launcher to the ICS launcher. The difference being that the ICS launcher has the App Drawer button in the middle with two apps on both sides of it, which are also interchangeable, as where the TW launcher only has the standard four icons.

  9. Phandroid, I also capture a “real” so called Galaxy S III picture with a blur camera. 
    http://briefmobile.com/images/articles/IMG_20120318_0147461.jpg, phandroid please post it with another article. Thanks. My version looks dozen better than yours one.

    1. You should tip them instead of putting it in the comments. Do you actually have the phone or is this a picture you found?

      1.  That gave me a good laugh!  I hope to God that you are being sarcastic!

      2. I’ll bite.  He modded his Epic 4G Touch to look like the image in the post.  Basically saying the post phone is a fake.

    2. You do know that every OEM has their own navigation keys, right? Lyk when you look at a tablet, their navi-keys all look different. They don’t look lyk the STOCK Android OS. Sorry, try again.

      1. That’s why I posted this picture, This article completely making fun of us. Don’t you know I actually sarcasm phandroid ?

  10. Any chance some of these leaks (even the blatantly fake ones) are coming from samsung? If it’s a sort of viral marketing (get everyone talking about it) or some sort of strategic deception (swamp any real leaks with fake ones to keep competitors guessing), it’s working.

  11. Yep. Photoshop. Look closely at the verticle lines in the flash. They look like the were scribbled on the picture. Flash pictures will not look like that

  12. too huge.

    ugh I hate all these phoneblets. If I wanted that, I’d rather get the Asus Padfone

    1. +1, I don’t get the obsession with most people today that want huge screen phones with processors more powerful than a desktop pc, the thing that pisses me off about it is most are kids who don’t do anything on them but play a handful of games that don’t even use 1 processor let alone 4.  I think some of the “sheep” today just buy whatever is marketed at them or buy it because someone else said it was good, bollocks to that, I buy the shape, look, specs, everything based on what I need and tbh it’s a phone which means I need dual core at most, good camera and 3.3″ to 3.7″ … The aesthetics are far more important than all the shit they spout on sites but aesthetics is something most manufacturers that run Android don’t have a clue about, there’s hundreds of fuck ugly Android powered devices and that’s why they aren’t anywhere near as successful as a little old fruit company sporting only 1 current line of handset !!

      1. agreed! honestly the only upgrades im looking for in a phone are more RAM. 512 on my nexus s is getting to become a little bit on the  lower side and multitasking suffers at times. 

      2. Maybe some of us sheep actually enjoy having a large screen… I dont like the Note, but 4.7/4.5 seems perfect to me. 

      3. *Sigh*

        First of all, us “kids” do plenty of other things on our smart phones, but, most of them are typical consumer activities because *gasp* we’re consumers. So, yes, I do play games that could probably run fine on a phone with a 600 MHz (hello solitaire) but I also play games that require more power. On top of that, I multitask frequently which is very demanding hardware wise. And, on top of that, Android needs better specs to run as smoothly than iOS; it’s a bad thing it simply is. 

        Secondly, everyone has a different list of things they want out of a smartphone. For me personally, I’ll take raw power over good looks any day but I prefer not to make that trade-off. Just because you prefer to look at the phone in a more holistic sense than I do doesn’t mean that your way is any better. I still give consideration to aesthetics, the OEM’s reputation, screen quality, OS, etc. Don’t call me a sheep because I like different things than you do.

        Third, I find the iPhone extremely attractive but there are plenty of attractive Android phones. The One X and the One S are beautiful devices, the Galaxy S line is pleasingly minimalistic, and the Xperia S is an incredibly stylish device. Some Android phones are, admittedly, as ugly as sin but that doesn’t mean they all are.

        And lastly, I have a phone with a 3.7″ screen and I can’t wait to upgrade to a 4.3″+ screen. Why? Because I like bigger screens. 

        Oh, wait, one more thing. The Android ecosystem outsells the iPhone. That’s a fact. Android is an ecosystem, not a device perhaps you should remember that. 

      4. The TLDR version of BatesOut’s post is: “I prefer different things than you and if you don’t like what I like, you’re a bad person.” Nothing new here.

      5. People that complain about screen sizes are old crotchety men.

  13. Fake 100%


    Based on the analysis of compression characteristics and EXIF metadata:

    ASSESSMENT: Class 1 – Image is processed/edited

    1. That doesn’t look like a 16:9 HD aspect ratio to me. That looks like my GF’s Epic Touch with some fake softkeys.

  14. I call BS. What kind of losers do release these fake rumours? Do they have nothing better to do?

  15. Coming to Sprint in2015

  16. This is getting annoying like the iPhone 5 rumors.

  17. phandroid seems to have run out of new to report over the weekends and this is probably literally the millionth GS3 rumored leaked image theyve received and decided to post it to keep loyal readers entertained….you got me Raveesh

    1. You never know if one of these turns out to be the real deal, at which point I can say “Ha! I told you so!”

      But, to be honest, this is only the second SGS3 post I’ve put up, and I’m already tired. I guess it was just better when Samsung unveiled the phone at MWC but didn’t release it for months.

      1. Well I hope you can tell me so one of these days. But youre right they should just unveil it and make us wait a few months(or six for the US carriers), atleast we’d know what we are saving for.

      2. Ya, I liked it better that way too. Im leaving for boot camp for two months next week, and Im hoping it gets announced by the time im out. If not, it looks like Im getting a OneX ;)

  18. Im guessing this is fake, BUT if those specs turn out to be real, I definitely know what my next phone will be;)

  19. Rumor after rumor of SGS III is just what Samsung wants android community to have

  20. Though just a rumor, those specs would be nice. I like the super amoled “plus” hd, that well be an amazing screen. The dual boot option would be cool but I actually like touchwiz. Either way you look at it though, the galaxy s3 will be nothing short of amazing. Samsung builds great phones, and i’m sure they will keep that up.

  21. No way will I ever by another galaxy phone Samsung sucks. HTC ftw

    1. you must be high on crack. Samsung makes WAY better quality phones than shitty HTC. I have never been impressed more with an HTC phone than a Samsung phone. 

    2. we all think that until it breaks and we try HTC customer services. it’s like throwing your phone at your dog and expecting that to fix it

      1. yepppppp youll be saying htc ftw when you still have 2.3 and 5.0 is out

        1.  The Samsung charge says, hey whats up?

        2. true story that, if you’re on Vodafone who usually puts updates out a few seconds after they’re released. or… say hello to CM10

      2.  but then I try to use GPS on my sammy and its a no go!

        1. to clarify, I didn’t mean Samsung ftw, I meant HTC ftl

  22. When they do announce the sg3, samsung plz release it within that month or the week after would be nice. why announce something and release it 3-5 months later?? Hmmm

    1. They usually release in Europe soon after its announcement, but it takes months to be released stateside.

  23. Looks like large phone dimensions i was hopping for less bessil & smaller dimensions. If the same size of the current galaxy and not a bit smaller then no thanks a bit smaller please.

  24. …ireally like Android, ihave been with them since G1, but if the sd becomes a thing of the past then so will this Android lover. Win phones maybe my future…

  25. That would be my next phone.

  26. I swore I wouldn’t buy another phone with touchwiz on it, but this could make a liar out of me. If it was able to boot up with stock ics I’d buy it in a heartbeat. I was saving my upgrade on att for the htc x one but if this is true who knows what might happen.

  27. If this was real, the icons would be 5 on a row, lyk the Galaxy Note. Why would Samsung make another 5 inch device, yet make 4 icons on the row?

    Sorry, but it’s the small details that get you caught. And what else got me was “no hump”. LoL!! I HIGHLY doubt that annoying hump is going anywhere anytime soon. 

  28. I do not think that they will give pure android experience to any of their devices. They will stick with touchwiz, I will buy the next nexus for the pure android experience.

    1.  And the nexus name is a fucking joke lately,look at the nexus s and nexus s 4g, and No!!! I dont want to unlock the bootloader and download it from some special place thats why people bought the nexus, so they wouldnt have to do the same ol’ shit. I think HTC is going to be quicker to update its phones than Google for once.

  29. BEAST!!!

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