Recycle your beaten down smartphone, and get paid for it


Did you manage to demolish your smartphone while playing catch with it? Or maybe tried one of those drop test comparisons that went awry? No need to just throw it in the bin (in fact, NEVER EVER do that) or keep it in a drawer collecting dust. You can salvage some money for it on HelloTotem.com.

While they accept devices with any degree of wear and use, from mint to completely dead, I’ve found that if you’ve got something that’s in a usable condition, you are probably better off selling your devices somewhere else. Their process is three step:

  1. Get a quote online
  2. Ship the device to them
  3. They’ll pay you the promised amount on PayPal or by check, as long as you haven’t overstated the condition of the phone.

They’ve been featured in several places, including The New York Times, CNET, Wired, etc. You can get more details on their site over here.

If you have used their service before, or another similar one, do share your experiences with us in the comments.

[via Operation Android]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. I’ll never sell my N1 or my Gnex, my LG they can have xD

  2. $2 for a HUAWEI ASCEND,the exact cost of a POWERBALL® lottery ticket. :-P

    1. broken phone for lottery ticket? done LOL

  3. or you could sell it on ebay and ACTUALLY make some money.

  4. The MENU button is worn out, I couldn’t/wouldn’t sell it (HUAWEI ASCEND) to anyone w/a defective button,even though there are apps available to work around this.

    I’d give it away first,just found the $2 offer humorous.

  5. There are plenty of companies in the UK which do similar thing. Very competitive prices too, get good money for your older phone if in good condition, up to £150 on some model’s, cheque or paid into your bank account. :)

  6. 35$ for my HTC DINC…. no thanks, i rather use it as my alarm clock since my GN sound quality suck butt. 

      1. Been using that since day 1. I set it on lv8 since any lv higher than that, the sound starting to crack.

  7. Ha my old android phone barely had any resale value>. I checked eBay for old iPhones and surprising it still has resale value wtf damn sheeps

  8. How is this better than those crappy Gazelle commercials that offer to buy old iphones or ipads; it’s a fucking rip off either way

  9. DAMN Kolio I was looking to sell my Huawei Ascend lol thanks for saving me time.

  10. sounds like an advert tbh. did you get paid to write this?

    1. No I didn’t. I stumbled across the service, and just informed the readers about it. At no point do I praise the service, as I’ve never used it, and I’ve also mentioned it doesn’t make sense with a working condition device (since you’d get a better quote on eBay).

      Also, I’ve requested users to share their other options, because I feel this is an issue that should be dealt with.

      1. you don’t have many of these in the US? every other advert on TV is for one of these across the pond

        1. I’m in India, where we don’t have any real “official” recycle service, just some scavengers who’d pay you peanuts. Nokia used to run a recycling system, but I believe you got nothing for your phone. And during my limited time in the US last summer (2 months) I never noticed anything of the sort.

          In fact, during a hackathon (the WIP Muther of all Hackathons held in the Bay Area) I came up with an idea for recycling, amongst other things, mobile phones and getting coupons for it. My team got the best business plan, which I’m sure wouldn’t have been the case if it had been something common.
          It’s good to see that there are several options for the UK, though. Does the competition mean customers get good prices?

          1. oh right fair enough.
            They seem to offer anywhere from £5 to half what you’d get flogging it on eBay, so not really. Although with very old phones which you’d never sell normally, they offer some money.
            There are absolutely tonnes though:

  11. $1 for my Sprint Palm Centro in pristine condition with all boxes/cables/manuals???????


  12. Just sold my water-dead iPhone 3G/16G for $17. Wish they’d take my TF101 and keyboard dock, too.

  13. So what’s their angle? How do they profit? Are they after the parts? The Gold? (More gold in a ton of cellphones than in a ton of Klondike paydirt, they say.) All of the above?

  14. Wonder how much I’d get for my 9 year old Samsung that I use daily? Maybe I could use it to pay for one of them new fangled fart fones.

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