Mar 18th, 2012

Did you manage to demolish your smartphone while playing catch with it? Or maybe tried one of those drop test comparisons that went awry? No need to just throw it in the bin (in fact, NEVER EVER do that) or keep it in a drawer collecting dust. You can salvage some money for it on

While they accept devices with any degree of wear and use, from mint to completely dead, I’ve found that if you’ve got something that’s in a usable condition, you are probably better off selling your devices somewhere else. Their process is three step:

  1. Get a quote online
  2. Ship the device to them
  3. They’ll pay you the promised amount on PayPal or by check, as long as you haven’t overstated the condition of the phone.

They’ve been featured in several places, including The New York Times, CNET, Wired, etc. You can get more details on their site over here.

If you have used their service before, or another similar one, do share your experiences with us in the comments.

[via Operation Android]