Cut the Rope: Experiments makes its way to Google Play


Finished feeding Om Nom, you’re favorite candy-loving monster, in Cut the Rope? Good news for you, then, because the sequel to the cross-platform blockbuster game is now available on Google Play, after a day of exclusivity on the Amazon Appstore. All devices that are on Donut or up (that’s 99.6% of the platform) can get their hands on it for 99 cents.

[Google Play via The Verge]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. First one was fun but it’s getting old fast.

    1. shut your filthy mouth.

  2. Much better than Angry Birds ever was (although the space angry birds looks fun too)
    I really need a credit card to buy these apps.
    I wonder if we’ll ever see a sequel to Plants VS Zombies…..that was the best game I played on Android so far

  3. It’s only 7 months late for Android. Not bad.

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