AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note rooted before release

The AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note will be hitting retail stores tomorrow morning. And while AT&T and Samsung are busy with the hardware, developers have been busy with the software. Some of you might have already received, or will be receiving the Galaxy note soon, if you pre-ordered it. Whatever the case is, there is already a root method and you can enjoy your device to its full capacity.

This was made possible thanks to the fine gentlemen of XDA Developers; Da_G, specifically. It is possible to flash his kernel via ODIN. Among other things, the kernel enables custom boot animations, adb root and init.d scripts.

Those that are interested in doing this should realize that there are some dangers, though. There is a risk of voiding your warranty and/or bricking your device. If anything happens, the owner is the only person responsible for such results. With the disclaimer out of the way, just be careful about making the decision, take your time, follow instructions, and read the material before executing the procedure.

The details and instructions are posted in the XDA Developers forums, so simply head over there to get what you need. Root away, guys!

[Source: XDA Developers Via: XDA Developers]

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  • Mensahwatts

    If, this came to Verizon I would be on it…

  • James

    It was released in Canada. Just because it isn’t out in the states doesn’t mean developers don’t have access to the device.

    • Edgar Cervantes

      Well yeah. There is also the international version, which has been out for months. But the versions are not the same, and need some tinkering. I wonder if Canada’s is the same as the US… Do you know?

      • James

        We have the ATT variant. It’s too bad, Bell usually gets the international Samsung phones.

      • Mike Reid

         Bell and AT&T are both SGH-i717 and both have FM removed, so yeah.

        Rogers has SGH-i71r

        • James

          Sources? I can’t find anything on the  SGH-i71r.

  • serpa4

    Ya, Verizon would be nice.  Not switching carriers for a phone.

  • David Vega

    It’ll be on both Verizon and Sprint from what I hear. Although I am this close >< to giving up one of my Sprint lines and getting this on AT&T. Awesome work getting this rooted on zero day. Man this phone is so kick butt.