Apple complains about Motorola with European authorities, wants more transparency in patent licensing


After losing against Motorola, in a permanent injunction, Apple was requested 2.25% of all 3G Apple devices sold in exchange for patent licensing. If Apple’s profit numbers are considered, that percentage amounts to quite a hefty amount of cash. And Cupertino Giant is not commiting to anything until it knows that Motorola is being fair.

Apple believes that Motorola is trying to take advantage of Apple, due to their rivalry, which is why Apple asked for more transparency about Motorola’s deals with other manufacturers. But they have taken things a bit farther, and have now asked European regulators to intervene.

Asking for a full-blown intervention from the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, Apple is thinking that Motorola is going against patent FRAND (fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory) standards.

As it goes with the legal wars, there is rarely a conclusion. We will have to wait and see if this is what is happening. Stay tuned and let’s hope all of this stops Apple from being a playground bully.

[Source: Reuters Via: Engadget]

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  1. This is nuts! Apple is the one that needs to be watched! 

  2. I love irony… Apple wanting more transparency… sounds like an oxymoron to me.

  3. Apple is the one patenting shit that is commonly used everywhere and now they go and bitch to the authorities cause they are getting sued back…wtf

  4. lololololol @ more transparency LMAO “gesturing a touchscreen to unlock” is VERY transparent

  5. Apple might shoot itself in the foot because google is also going to dig out Apple’s dirty laundry with its unfair patent wars to stop innovation. I think Apple is beginning to feel the heat now from Motorola and Proview. Apple just need to realize Android is not going away anytime soon…..SO ACCEPT THAT FACT AND CONCENTRATE ON INNOVATING YOUR PRODUCTS NOT STOPPING OTHERS BY BULLYING THEM. 

    Just because you made a good product, had some good influence on the mobile world does not entitle you to exclusivity.

    1. This is one of the more fair and accurate statements about these lawsuits. It even gives props to Apple…

      Good job.

  6. Awwww, they lost a lawsuit?  Poor babies, lets ask the regulators to intervene…

  7. Why do people hate Apple? Is it because you can’t afford its products? Apple is for the fortunate so work extra time and save money and hopefully you can live your dream by buying an Apple product. 

    1.  I hate Apple because of their shady business practices.

      Oh and I can afford every product Apple makes, easily.

    2. Another reason we hate Apple: is douchebags like this that think its just a jealousy thing, and can’t see the big picture.

    3.  i wouldnt use an iphone if you gave me $1000, im dead serious. the problem here is that apple is crying patent bullying, when they in fact have been the ones bullying. and finally actual phone manufacturers(that have been around forever) are defending themselves,  apple is full of hypocrites, they made a cool phone that hasnt changed much in 5 years and they mad that they cant keep up anymore

    4. What I find interesting is that an Apple fanboy aka douchebag aka idiot come here to an Android forum just to troll….

    5. No I’ll leave them all to you I enjoy changing things on my devices to much. I don’t like being told how and why to use my devices.

    6. Ritard, no we are not upset we cant afford Apple products. Im sure you’re one of the idiots that bought the $999 app from the app store.

      To be honest we like getting what we pay for. We are smarter. Not the “Im a barista but im artistic” kind of smart. I mean smart as in common sense for starters.

      Lets be honest here. My GNexus costs more then the iPhone, my Transformer Prime tablet costed more then an iPad. Im much more happy with both of them than I could ever be with a “mee too” iProduct. The design, commercials, launches, and people are just so stale and unoriginal it kills me

    7. my galaxy nexus($299 2-year contract) cost more than an iphone($199 2-year contract)

      1. Now it seems some Apple fans cant even do simple math…

        Cuz some of us do get Android phones when they launch..

        1. i used to be an apple fan when i was 7 i loved my oldschool macontosh it was better than dos. At that young of age dos was too complicated. I think that was the start of my nerdom. Pulling a computer arround to all my friends houses in a waggon. Lmao but these new age apple fans relly are morons.

    8. Good job getting folks to respond to a troll.

      If I wanted to I could have 20 iPhones all for me. As in 20 separate phone numbers. I dont know whats worse….your post or the person who liked it.

  8. Hahahahahahahahahahaha the isheep r lost without Steve jobs telling them what to do

  9. “Apple believes that Motorola is trying to take advantage of Apple, due to their rivalry”.

    Aww that’s so hypocrite.
    Apple goes towards Android manufacturers because their idol (Steve Jobs) wanted to destroy it because of their rivalry and now Motorola can’t do the same?

    Oooh the hypocrisy….

    1. Apple has a patent for taking advantage of others and destroying them because of rivalry.

  10. Pot, meet kettle
    Kettle, meet pot

  11. Has any litigation in the mobile industry ever ended? All that happens seems to be “postponing trial dates” or “counter-suing” or “appealing to the court” or “appealing to federal eu/US bureau of additional crap” or “filing more lawsuits” or “settlements followed by new lawsuits”

    Can anyone name me 2 companies from the mobile industry that were involved in some litigation process against each other and are currently not in a litigation process? (And both of them must not be banktrupt currently)

  12. Apple pouting like a little kid that didn’t get their way take your ball and go home loser. Funny thing apple started all this lawsuit crap and they complain when they don’t win never again will I or my family own a crapple

  13. @RitishOemraw what about Microsoft vs HTC.

  14. Apple is like the red headed step child in this industry. when Rhett win a lawsuit, they try to get the devices banned. But when they are found guilty, they don’t want to pay. granted, motorola should charge them the same for licensing add everybody else, buy if that is 2.25% then apple needs to shut up and pay up. What did you expect apple, that motorola will continue to let you steal their technology? I think if apple refuses to pay then the court should ban all of their devices. Just shows how unprofessional the company is, and how they run their business

  15. God, Apple is a cancer to the progression of tech.

  16. Imagine how less complicated everything would have been if Google just stuck with copying Blackberry back in v1.0 instead of scrapping it and cloning iOS when unveiled back in 2007.

    Google’s Android was the cancer that spread everywhere.  Damn shame reading all the intense Android fanboys blind hatred clouding the obvious.

  17.  Love me some Motorola! Poor Apple, I tear rolls down my cheek.

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