Feb 18th, 2012

After losing against Motorola, in a permanent injunction, Apple was requested 2.25% of all 3G Apple devices sold in exchange for patent licensing. If Apple’s profit numbers are considered, that percentage amounts to quite a hefty amount of cash. And Cupertino Giant is not commiting to anything until it knows that Motorola is being fair.

Apple believes that Motorola is trying to take advantage of Apple, due to their rivalry, which is why Apple asked for more transparency about Motorola’s deals with other manufacturers. But they have taken things a bit farther, and have now asked European regulators to intervene.

Asking for a full-blown intervention from the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, Apple is thinking that Motorola is going against patent FRAND (fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory) standards.

As it goes with the legal wars, there is rarely a conclusion. We will have to wait and see if this is what is happening. Stay tuned and let’s hope all of this stops Apple from being a playground bully.

[Source: Reuters Via: Engadget]

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