Firefox 10.0 now available, improves Sync, WebGL rendering


Mozilla has been on quite the roll since releasing their Firefox browser to the Android Market. A little over a month after the version 9.0 update graced the Android Market, the new Firefox 10.0 is ready to roll with plenty of improvements in tow. Users can now more easily setup Firefox Sync to share bookmarks between a desktop and mobile device and should see an overall improvement in the rendering of sites using WebGL. Otherwise expect a number of smaller tweaks that will provide a refined experience as the folks behind Firefox continue to improve the mobile version of their highly popular desktop web browser. An exhaustive changelog can be found over at the Mozilla site. Firefox 10.0 can be found at the Android Market link below.

Android Market Link: Firefox

[via Mozilla]

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  1. Anyone know how this new version compares to xscope?

  2. I remember the days when I battled what browser to use. Then I got a phone that had ICS (galaxy nexus). The browser is pure awesomeness. 

    1. Agreed.

      Used to use Dolphin Browser HD, but now I have no reason to.  The ICS browser is just too awesome.  Plus, Chrome Bookmark Syncing.

    2. I don’t really see how it’s any different from the honeycomb one or even the gingerbread one. All they really did was change the tab switching UI, along with using newer versions of Webkit and V8.

      1. Have you used it yet?

        1. No, I just have a Galaxy nexus that has said browser and have never once used it. /s.

          Duh. Of course I have. And it’s ok. Like I said, I don’t think its much different from the Honeycomb one.

          1. You didn’t really give an indication whether you had a gnexus or not, so I assumed you were just going off what you’ve read. 

            Gotcha though…agree to disagree :)

          2. WIll do.

    3.  I love the stock browser, but really enjoy ICS Browser + too

  3. No flash, no deal.

  4. Give me flash and addblock plus

  5. the newer “Native UI” version (Version 11 or 12) is awesome on the Galaxy Nexus.

  6. Flash should be in the next version, which would be Firefox 11. It’s expected to be released on the beta channel very soon, which you can also install from the Android Market.

  7. I wonder how may people are not even aware of the “quick controls” in the ICS browser… or, for that matter, the extra ones found in ICS Browswer +…  Finding those drew me away from Dolphin HD.

    However, in both browsers, there are some pages (like ones with multiple text boxes or forms) in which once I enter a text box, the rest of the page goes white, and it’s a pain in the ass to get back… Still trying to find a fix???…

  8. firefoz? (Hover your mouse over the image lol)

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