Two mystery Samsung tablets pass through the WiFi Alliance with model numbers P5100, P3100


It is expected that Samsung will unveil a new tablet or two at Mobile World Congress, an almost obvious assumption prodded along by rumors of a device running a 2GHz quad-core Exynos CPU. While the Korean manufacturer has done a pretty good job of keeping their exact plans under wrap (the even is less than a month away and we have seen very few leaks), a recent set of devices newly certified by the WiFi alliance suggests at least two tablets could be on tap. The Samsung GT-P3100 and GT-P5100 could come in any combination of specs and sizes, but it is safe to assume that Samsung will be aiming to take on competitors at all levels. A refresh to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 seems like a sure thing, while a smaller, cheaper device that could battle the Amazon Kindle Fire head-to-head also makes sense. Whatever we see, we expect Samsung to accompany the announcement with a few surprises, whether that be a high-res display unlike any we have seen on a tablet before or something a bit less obvious.

[via Androinica]

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  1. Nexus Tablet is one of them. Calling it right now.

    1. Unlikely.  I’ll call your bet.

  2. How about they get some hotter girls. Those chicks look like dogs

    1. The girl on the right is gorgeous. And I think Samsung is just fine focusing their energy on making good products.

      1. Gorgeous? Really?  Ok man, whatever blows your hair back…

        1. Are you gay?

          1. oh what a wonderfully clever question. just thought gorgeous was a strong word choice

    2. You’re a prick.

  3. The chick on the right looks like Pam from The Office.

    1. Dat smile!

  4. NEXUS T (TABLET) FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I’m eagerly awaiting the 11.6 – i am despairetly hoping its the quad core tablet. that thing’s gonna be epic <3

    1. Is an 11.6″ tablet a legitimate possibility?? Please tell me it is…

  6. Could be a Win8 tablet as far as anyone really knows.

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