Samsung files trademark for “Joy” and “Fresh” smartphones

Though Samsung has made an attempt to simplify their smartphone naming procedures, they aren’t quite done with the cutesy monikers just yet. Newly filed trademarks for “Samsung Joy” and “Samsung Fresh” have been uncovered with a description of “telephones; smart phones; mobile phones; computer software for mobile phones, portable media players and handheld computers.” The filings are dated to January 13th, 2012, but otherwise we are left guessing what sort of devices to expect. As is often the case, the trademarks may not even be assigned to any particular device at this point in time. You can check out the Joy listing and the Fresh listing at the USPTO site.

[Fusible via MobileSyrup]

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  • michaelg1030

    Wow Samsung sure is leading the pack with worst cell phone names.

    • bolthouse

      when was the last time a name kept you from owning the best hardware and design available for android

  • Guest

    I know a cool name, how about the samsung “Freeze”?

    • bolthouse

      they should just keep them as numbers GT 1900 etc…. ┬ábut we all know that won’t cut it for carriers.

    • Alleycat51699

      …loaded with ICS

    • Samsung Fanboy

      I like the Samsung Eclipse, Samsung Nebula, or Samsung Meteor.