Hipster Reaches 100,000 Users, Launches Android App


Despite what your friends or the general pop culture consensus says, hipster is not a dirty word. At least that is the opinion of Doug Ludlow, founder of the photo sharing application that takes its name from the subculture. While other services such as Instagram shy away from the label, which most agree describes the quality of artsy/retro photo filters found in these sort of throwback picture sharing apps, Hipster embraces it completely. Heck, they’ve embraced it to the tune of 100,000 registered users. The figure goes nicely along with their newly announced Android app.

Hipster takes a slightly different approach from its competitors through what are called “postcards.” These snapshots in time combine an artistically rendered photo, text, location, and other data to provide a story along with the image. The new app allows you to choose the style of your postcard, tag friends and see what they are up to, share your creations on Facebook and Twitter, and even get a look at top postcards from your current location.

While Ludlow saw an Android app as being vitally important (he didn’t want to cater to only half the market with the currently available iOS app), the company isn’t locking users into a native interface. Alongside the launch of the Android version comes a full-featured web app that can be accessed from your mobile browser. That’s called blanketing the market. So are you hip enough to check out Hipster? Hit up the Android Market link below.

Android Market Download Link: Hipster

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  1. Nope… prreettty sure Hipster is a dirty word. Yep – it is – just double-checked.

    Hipster: White, snobby, 20-30 something, usually lives off obscenely rich parents, shops at salvation army, wears stupid skinny girl pants and large glasses, and tries way too hard to be cool with ironic/obscure references. Oh, and they’re iTards. The Goths were less annoying.

    1. and they love the Big Lebowski. Just sayin’

      1. Dude, I was a Dude fan before El Duderino was even close to cultdom. Now… Go “Vote for Pedro!” or something… :)

  2. hipster…blech.  Goofy style…perhaps because all of them have been tried before, so they settled on…skinny jeans.  Yuck.

  3. Who needs LOLcats when you’ve got cool cats?

  4. I’ve go tons of crappy photos from the 70’s and 80’s that I’ve been scanning the negatives of to try and get better pictures from.  Why the hell would I want to take new photos now and ruin them with crappy filters like that?  If I did decide I wanted to ruin my photos then I’d take them into photoshop and do it there.

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