Brass Monkey Transforms Your Smartphone Into A Motion Controller Using Web Based Games


Casual games are all the rage these days thanks to the huge success that is the Nintendo Wii as well as mobile devices like the iPhone. One such company, Brass Monkey, wants to take advantage of this trend by transforming your smartphone into a veritable Wii controller. Recently gaining $750,000 in funding, Brass Monkey uses “patented technology” that allows for anyone with an iOS (or soon, Android) powered smartphone to use the built in gyroscope and touch screen display to control a variety of web based single or multiplayer games.

Brass Monkey’s software offers support for Flash, Unity3D as well as desktop games and apps but more recently, the company wanted to move into the browser gaming using HTML5 creating 7 games that run through the browser and connect to your mobile device using the Brass Monkey app. Essentially, this turns any screen with a web browser into a gaming console.

To help kick off game development, Brass Monkey offers SDK’s for developers to create games with console-like features using familiar tools for web games like the previously mentioned Unity, Flash or HTML5.

You can check out Brass Monkey in action via the YouTube video below (sadly, completely devoid of the Beastie Boys smash hit). The app should be hitting the Android Market sometime in March and we’ll keep you posted.

[Via TechCrunch]

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  1. Brass Monkey – that funky Monkey!

    1. *wha-wha-wha-wha-wha*

  2. I predict lots of funny videos on the Net that show people smashing other people’s faces with the phones, just like WiiMotes, and phones flying across the room, just like WiiMotes.

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