White Galaxy Nexus Coming in February


Many devices have seen a white variant hit shelves a few months after the release of a typically black or grey version, but Google’s Nexus brand has not been among them. Leave it to Samsung, a company that can’t seem to go a single device without doing a bit of whitewashing, to break the trend. A white Galaxy Nexus is hitting several retailers in the UK next month, including Clove and MobileFun. It’s an all-vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich this time around, but pricing remains the same as the original flavor. Clove has the 16GB version for £498.00 starting February 6th while MobileFun has it a few days earlier on the 2nd with the price set at £519.95 for the same configuration.


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  1. Google’s Nexus brand has not been among them?

    Er, forgetting the white (and half-white) Nexus S’s that popped up a few months after release, then?

  2. Hurry up and bring this to at&t

  3. Don’t get the white phone fad. Shit gets dirty lookin quick

    1. You know what, that is sooo true.  I didn’t think about that.  Eeesh, my OG Evo would be looking NASTY right now if I had the white version!

      1. yep..only makes it harder to sell later on down the line too

  4. if they just make the buttons bar in white as well

    1. I thought the same thing… with black buttons. Im pretty sure that will be possible after rooting it… and the devs work their magic.

      1. Of course it’s possible, look at my buttons. https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/U8Y3_8QND92kiWl9C_fxcNESkolhLSTEyrlI6ASK2O0?feat=directlink

    2. The devs will have it done before the phone hits retailers.

  5. the white doesn’t go with the whole blue/holo theme of ICS. yay for choices, but ick.

    1. I have to agree. This doesn’t look good. Why does it always have to be a white phone? Just because white is the opposite of black? Try silver or gray.

  6. Who cares about white as a color?!  I just don’t get it.  How about 20 different colors?  [not that I’d want it anything other than black, but I think we’re a little limited to black or white here lately – pretty stagnant]

    1. The question is, how many people actually want a permanent fruit colored phone?  And with so many people putting a case on their expensive phone, that gives them the option to change colors AND it would cover most of the phones exotic paint job anyway.

        If that’s the case (no pun intended) then producing a phone in a rainbow of colors would put the manufactuer at risk of sitting on a lot of unsold merch.

      If I built a subdivision of houses, I would keep my colors pretty neutral and let the buyer paint it later if they wanted.

      Just my thought on it.

    2. Like Cyan or Magenta? get the lumia 800 :)

  7. Just bring Nexus back to T-mobile

    1. Nexus S back to TMobile :)

  8. eww

  9. There is a reason why you don’t see white phone. Because it looks like shit! 

  10. Sexy

  11. Who are these people that like white phones.  Yuk.

    1. My wife is excited about the prospect.  Me?  I don’t get it myself.

  12. IDK… i think black is important to help the software keys shift from being part of the hardware to part of the software.  The white also really constricts the screen.  Black bezels let it bleed out a bit.

    1. agreed. i love the way my phone’s screen and bezel are nearly indistinguishable from each other with my plain black background. 

  13. It looks nice but it makes the on screen buttons seem dumber when they are so obviously not part of the phone.   I like that on my black GNEX they look like real buttons until they disappear to allow for more screen space.

  14. So i did get my christmas wish for a white nexus:-)

  15. SPRINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I hope Samsung paid Apple to use their “white phone” patent.

  17. Why can’t they come out with a 32GB GSM version? Its easy change the chip.

      1. It says SIM free, I couldn’t use it.

        1. How could you not use it if it’s SIM free? That makes no sense.

  18. i dunno… white makes sense for some phones. but for this the black made it much more elegant and helped the virtual buttons blend in. Theres something beautiful about a clean black slate on the front when the screen is off. Even when the screen is on it all blends nicely with black. The white just makes the screen pop out… if only the back were white this might look a lot better

  19. I think the all black really sets it off. What’s the deal with white phones?

  20. Apple: you guys ready?

    Lawyers: yep..

  21. In the last few days, I’ve noticed a white iPhone and a white S2 in other people’s hands and they both look TERRIBLE. The latter couldn’t be more than 6 months old, but it looks like it’s been through the wars.

    Such a bad idea. Especially with the black-background soft buttons, as others have already pointed out.

  22. If I wanted my phone to look like an iPhone, I’d buy an iPhone.

    1. how does this look like an iphone to you? you must be blind sir..

    2. Yea, cause a color is all it takes to look like an iphone.. just like being a rectangle is all it takes to look like an iphone. I always forget that apple invented the rectangle, the color white, the color black, digital displays, touch screens, everything that they… oh wait they didnt invent any of that. Whoooo cares. There’s a market for devices in white, so why not make a case in a different color to capitalize on that market.

  23. Maybe because I come from the video production world where the crew always wears black to remain inconspicuous and 95% of the gear is black buuuuut… I greatly dislike all the white phones. I would never ever buy one. I suppose if there’s a market for it then more power to ’em.

  24. android needs to stop with the white. Why would I want anything that even reminds me of Apple. and im suprised we havent seen yet another lawsuit from apple over this..

    1. Hard to sue over a color… Apple didn’t invent white…

      1. they didnt make white, they “revolutionized” and made it “magical”

  25. this looks awful. only phone i’ve ever seen in white that’s not terrible looking is the white razr, and that one doesn’t have much white on it as it is

    1. the dell streak also looks pretty nice in white

  26. White phone all day not to be racist

  27. I prefer the way SuperAmoled blends in with the black material when the display is off.

  28. Unforntunately, this was inevitable. Take a high end, revolutionary, nice looking professional phone and make it all white so that Snooki and “The Situation” can look cool with their Ice Cream Sandwhich. Ugh. 

    Personal opinions aside… Not unlike the Nexus S, part of what makes the phone sexy and professional is the clean, understated face. With the screen off or in sleep mode, it’s practically all black and that’s SOOOO beautiful. That’s especially important with the soft keys being black. In most cases, I almost forget that they are sofware rather than hardware. I’m not sure a white faced Galaxy Nexus can pull that off even if you change the color of the soft keys. Not even the iPhone is all black on the front because of the Home key. It’s truly unique in the smartphone world. 

    That said… I’m sure they’ll sell a zillion of these things.

  29. I’ll take two plz.  

  30. Id like to point out that other manufacturers made white phones before the iphone 4 ! Tons of them actually. Including a few Android phones… Soon people will say “if it makes phone calls they stole it from Apple”… give me a break, not everything is a throw back to apple… some times it just a marketing ploy to sell a few more units at very little additional cost.

  31. The white phones usually look better in person.  Anyway, I use a case, so my phone is any color I want it to be.

  32. think this will really suite with the whole blue-ish theme of ICS.

  33. For this to look right they would have to change the status bar to white and the buttons at the bottom. Otherwise this makes it look weird

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