Cricket Launches 4G LTE Network in One Market Today, No Phones to Take Advantage of it Yet


Those of you on Cricket will be happy to know that the budget carrier has launched their 4G LTE network today. Most of you probably won’t be drenched in 4G goodness as they’ve only launched in one market starting out – Tucson, AZ. And they don’t even have phones to take advantage of the network right now as their lone capable device is the Huawei Bolt, a USB modem. It’s still good news to hear that they’re at least beginning a rollout, though with just one market to speak of we’re not sure how long it’ll take for them to get coverage out to everyone. [via Electronista]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Unless CRICKET alters their current 1GB of 3G/4G per month policy,who cares what they roll out.Unless one has WI-FI coverage everywhere they travel w/their phone,you’ll burn through 1GB of data in no-time flat.
    As stated in the article,CRICKET doesn’t even have a 4G phone yet,& just recently rolled out their new “Flagship” phone,another 3G single-core HUAWEI phone.


    Can’t say I miss ya’ one bit.

  2. Quentyn, I would really appreciate you getting back to me when you have a minute. I sent E-mails to both your gmail and your accounts.



  3. Yeay for cricket! :-) bout time they started to get their network updates rolling. (albeit nowhere close to me ;-p ) maybe soon I’ll be able to fully utilize my cricket flashed samsung galaxy 2. ;-)

  4. Cricket should work on their national coverage instead of 4G.  Just sayin’…

  5. all right! way to put the horse before the carriage….now what the hell is cricket, and why should I care?

  6. Now we know what those on Santa’s naughty list gets for Christmas……..

  7. What the hell is the point of coming out with 4G network when they only give us 1GB of data …that’s bullshit..they need to just give us at least 2GB… WTF!!!

    1. TBH, I didn’t even know Cricket had a cap on their data. I eat through 1GB in lyk a week. LoL!!

  8. How long it’ll take Cricket to reach everyone? Ok. I live in Houston, and I still remember that I was roaming when I had visited Dallas. There is a reason why I’ve been switched from them. LoL!!

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