Verizon System Shows HTC Fireball, Details Unknown

If a Verizon inventory screens are to be believed (and they usually are quite trustworthy), a new 4G LTE device is coming our way courtesy of HTC. The HTC Fireball has appeared in the carrier’s computer system without even the slightest hint as to what it could be. The best we can do is speculate on the Fireball’s model number ADR6410L, which falls between the ADR6425 (HTC Rezound) and ADR6400 (HTC Thunderbolt). With consideration to this fact, it is possible that the Fireball will be a mid-range device with hardware that falls between the range of those two devices. Otherwise we can gain little info other than the assumption that Verizon plans to release the device sometime in the future.

[via DroidLife]

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  • Robert Manser

    Sounds like it’ll be a mid or who knows it could be badass.

  • toomuchgame441

    do they have to pump one out every week tho?

    • CynicalBrony

      Wouldn’t be HTC if they didn’t.¬†

  • Drew56

    That name is worse then xyboard or Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch…

  • Luis v

    you cant go by the name and say what it is even tho i wish its an High-end because all these reviews got me bummed about the Nexus :((  wanna get it but boo hoo no sd card and ll the rest of the shit? rite when i was gonna switch to Verizon ehh now idk what to do /:

  • koolkat2

    Dude! They took a page from motorola! Haha

  • Daniel Tiberius

    They should just call it the Lil’ Rezound, or Rezound Son!