Android 4.0.3 Announced as ‘Base Version of Ice Cream Sandwich’ Moving Forward


Those that purchased the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Verizon were greeted with an update to the phone’s retooled Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, bringing the system to Android 4.0.2. A day later, and that version is soon to outdated. The team at Google has announced  Android 4.0.3, what is being pegged as an incremental update to the Ice Cream Sandwich framework.

Aside from optimizations and bug fixes for both tablets and smartphones, 4.0.3 brings the platforms API level to 15. Perhaps the biggest addition is the social stream API in Contacts, which will allow apps like Twitter and Facebook to sync information such as updates, check-ins, and photos with address book entries, a feature noticeably lacking from initial Ice Cream Sandwich builds. Other API improvements and tweaks give apps enhanced camera functionalities and allow for greater editing of and access to Calendar entries.

The update, which also offers “incremental improvements in graphics, database, spell-checking, Bluetooth, and more,” will be pushed to manufacturers as the base version of ICS moving forward.

[via Android Developers]

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  1. But will it fix the LTE radio firmware issue???

    1. what issue? I didn’t see any on mine in NYC. 

      1. The one that half the Gnex owners are discussing in the forums…are you on Sprint or VZW?

        1. VZW… Going to hit up the forums… 

          1. Yup. I’ve already did. 


  3. Please let this fix text to speech for UK users. It sounds like it might.

    FB contact integration would be awesome too! I can’t wait :D

  4. Sweet, I was just thinking of putting on a Custom ROM but I can’t even really justify  doing that as it seems perfect already.

    Lets see.. I have had it for two days and there has already been 2 new OS updates. I will be delighted if they keep up that pace…

  5. Does that mean that i can sync facebook with the contacts app?

    1. Yes, that is correct; I was wondering why it did not had this feature. I can’t wait. I’m missing a lot of contacts.

      1. This API is not for contacts; apps have always been able to sync contacts, that is how Google, Exchange, and other things work.  This new API is for syncing a social stream that you can see from contacts and elsewhere.  Facebook could use this as well, but their first step would be to just use the public since forever API to sync contacts.

  6. This phone better be on Sprint soon!!

  7. i hope they make it possible to clear google search results

  8. Hopefully they fix the bug with transferring files from a computer to the phone so it doesn’t freeze up.

  9. Stellar on the social API.  This is the biggest MUST from Sense, I love being able to link it to facebook and make my friends maintain their contact details instead of me.

  10. I hope I live long enough to see this on my Nexus S; let’s see, I’m 17, Google said it should be “a few weeks” in October, so that means I should get it in 2 or 3 years 

    1. …or today.

  11. Ditto! As a previous incredible 2 owner the contact and social integration feels almost non existent in comparison. Might have been a deal breaker and return issue for me without this announcwment.

  12. Will this also include linking of contacts so I don’t have 4 entries under my favorites for one person? I miss this most from Sense. FB sync will be awesome too!

  13. Ah yes, and it starts.  The GSM version get this ASAP, and us Verizon users will see it months from now after Verizon’s “testing”.  :(

    1. i got my first update about 3 hours after i activated my phone.

    2. Its been in testing so has 4.1

  14. The beauty of the Nexus… No waiting for the companies to update Touchwiz, Sense, Blur, LG Wiz, etc! New versions coming all the time! Love it!

  15. Vzw gnex and I am still on 4.0.2. Have others already updated? I just checked but still nothing…

  16. @aholland1 you can join contacts. Just edit your contact. Hit the option button then choose Join. There it will list similar contacts to merge into one. You may need to do it 2-3 times.

  17. I bet Verizon was waiting on this to release the device… but didn’t want to keep waiting and decided to just release anyway

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