Dec 16th, 2011

Those that purchased the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Verizon were greeted with an update to the phone’s retooled Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, bringing the system to Android 4.0.2. A day later, and that version is soon to outdated. The team at Google has announced  Android 4.0.3, what is being pegged as an incremental update to the Ice Cream Sandwich framework.

Aside from optimizations and bug fixes for both tablets and smartphones, 4.0.3 brings the platforms API level to 15. Perhaps the biggest addition is the social stream API in Contacts, which will allow apps like Twitter and Facebook to sync information such as updates, check-ins, and photos with address book entries, a feature noticeably lacking from initial Ice Cream Sandwich builds. Other API improvements and tweaks give apps enhanced camera functionalities and allow for greater editing of and access to Calendar entries.

The update, which also offers “incremental improvements in graphics, database, spell-checking, Bluetooth, and more,” will be pushed to manufacturers as the base version of ICS moving forward.

[via Android Developers]