Ingenious Macro Lens in a Rubber Band Brings Close-ups to any Smartphone

We’ve always thought the idea of additional lenses for a smartphone camera was a neat, if not a bit impractical, idea. The macro lens is a popular choice for those wishing to beef up their shooting power, but there is no easy way to mount most options found on the market. That was before someone thought up this ingenious macro lens rubber band. You get exactly what the name describes, a lens for snapping detailed close-ups within a stretchy loop of rubber. The result? A lens that will fit any smartphone and stay in place without any modifications to your handset or additional mounting hardware. And it only costs $15.

[Photojojo via Gizmodo]

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  • heatwave316

     That definitely falls under the category of why didn’t I think of that.  Great idea.

    • Jdog25

      I was going to buy it but it would cover up my notification bar on my Gnex.

      • Dan Grover

        I don’t think it’s intended to be left on the phone all the time. 

        • Jdog25

          True true.

          • jeremyseattle

            Admit it – you just wanted to rub-in the fact that you have a Gnex.


          • Jdog25

            I don’t know what your talking about. ^_^


    If only i thought of that…DANG IT!!!

  • Jeremy Powlus

    Very cool… I have one of the cheap-o magnetic ones that clings lightly to my DInc but this seems much more practical. Took a pic with mine the other day:

    • jeremyseattle

      Very nice!  Great name by the way. :)

  • CoolBreeze_777

    Not bad……!!

  • Jasmine Noor

    That’s actually pretty cool, maybe I’ll treat myself to one (even if I never really use my phone camera).

  • Brad

    Looks like a good sweat band for my RAZR when it starts getting hot to the touch.

  • Matt Henry

    Just what I wanted, a rubber band running across my screen.

  • glennj

    Looks like it would work well on phones that had no case…but I like my case.

  • Ludwig Wemlén

    Hey, take a look at this. Apple is banned from using the name iPad in China.

    • Loren Cogar

      What does that have to do with macro lenses?

  • Hank Godwin

    I don’t think the point of this is to leave it on all the time.  This would be something that you throw on as needed.

    • MarcusDW

      Like a rubber.

      • Cipher Zero

        You’re supposed to take those off?! No wonder it was getting funky.

  • Kevin Haller

    Why not just make phone cases with the lens built in?

    • Hank Godwin

      The phone wouldn’t lay flat.  This allows you to take it off when you aren’t using it.

      • Kevin Haller

        Oh I don’t know, some cases add quite a bit of thickness, if it was integrated I don’t think it would add too much heft.

      • Alex Colodner

        The lense on my Incredible sicks out already… so I am used to my phone not laying flat.

      • William Lake

        The amount of case thickness on the defender serier Otterbox for the Incredible would defiantely have enough space to add lenses, great fraking idea

    • tim bennett

      Yea, it could be built into the case on a hinge.  Swing it out when you are taking a photo and you don’t want to use it.  Brilliant.

  • Aslan N.L. Bollin

    Pretty koo idea, but I wouldn’t buy it cause I’d lose it somewhere. Its not like you can just leave it on your device at all times. Youd have a thick blue rubberband covering up apart of your screen. =P
    Looks like it would cover up your flash aswell on many devces. Hopefully the flash light doesnt reflect off the rubberband and into the sensor ruining your pictures.

    • WHAT?

      Turn the flash off…

  • jeremyseattle

    If you put it on backward, does it become a telephoto? :P

    • TimmyB44

      Nah.  Since it’s facing the wrong way, I’m sure you’d get a close-up of your face!   :)

      • Miles Reiter

        Might get something interesting by turning it inside out though.

  • Matt Goldberg

    I guess I don’t need a sweet DSLR w/ macro lens anymore.

  • osc707

    awesome, love it! I had bought a macro lense a while back for my Evo and found a guide that showed how to glue a ring onto a case, but this is way better!

  • tim bennett

    If only the camera in my Cliq2 didn’t suck.  I can’t keep this thing steady for the life of me while the processor chugs away trying to take the image.

  • JulianZHuang

    not worth it, a plastic lens on a rubber.

  • Tim Roache


  • Gino Melone

    Why don’t manufactures just include a small, ferrous ring around the camera.  Would be an instant standard mount.

  • John Ferguson

    Can we ASS-ume that because you are promoting this gadget that you use it yourself? I’m never clear on the line as to whether it is to generate funds for your website, or you actually are using and endorsing strictly on personal use?
    Also, do you prefer we click the links you provide to get to these products?