Instagram Still in the Works for Android


Promises of a native Instagram app for Android users seem as old as time itself, but CEO Kevin Systrom says we can still expect to be sharing photos from our Google-laden devices in the future. At this week’s LeWeb conference, Systrom told attendees that he currently has a two-person team devoted to bringing hip photo filters to Android. Considering that the team accounts for one-third of his six person staff, we’d say making the app available for additional platforms is a top priority.

When Instagram does finally make its way over to Android, it may be accompanied by new ads or other or other ways to monetize the service, as Systrom spoke of “extremely engaging” ways the company has planned to create revenue streams from their mobile app.

[via CNET]

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    1. People trying to get paid for their work, weak!

      1. Hey man like Android is like free so apps should be FREEEEEE!!!!
        A free app has ads??
        Android users go nuts because it should be FREEEEEE!!! And AD FREE!!!

        1. I don’t see your point in this post?  Or in your still breathing, for that matter?

      2. I see your point, but how about trying a paid app? Android does have a paid option after all.

    2. Getting paid is SO pre-burst. Considering that’s Google’s bread and butter, I wouldn’t be so quick to bash.

  1. im starting to believe they are anti-android

  2. Is LeWeb the French internet?

  3. Who cares Android has plenty of application that can do this better. It is not a new Android thing

  4. Woah with the F word there….
    They’ve been in the works on this very simplistic app for like over a year…

    1. Simplistic?
      Are you a developer?

      1. Jointly with my brother, yes.

        Instagram doesn’t have a lot going on compared to a complex 3D game. Very simplistic is pushing it, yes. But my point is they’ve said it’s in development for a pretty long time and it seems like they weren’t really behind porting it.

        1. Boom! Haha, brilliant. 

        2. Awwww snap, he showed you!

      2. feel stupid now, sheep?

  5. mad much? there’s probably an apple app for that.

    1. Don’t feed the trolls =p

  6. been waiting for this.

    1. why?  Even in their forums they are staunchly against Android.   Whatever they do deliver, if ever, will be half-baked and not supported.   Face it, there are fanboi developers just as there are fangirls like ATL_Gimp.

  7. Overrated hipster crap.

  8. Way, way, way too late. Everyone who’s ever wanted Instagram has already bought a paid competitor, such as Vignette. You snooze, you loose. This company ignored Android during much of it’s most important growing periods. 

    1. indeed. This app makes sense on iOS because it doesn’t have these features built in. However, on Android, you can do all this stuff by default. The whole thing seems pointless, I have no idea what they expect but i lol @them

  9. Doesn’t android 4.0 make their app obsolete anyway?

  10. FILTERS? We don’t want no stinking FILTERS!

  11. I’ve been sharing my photos all along, this article doesn’t make sense. What does this app even do that Android doesn’t? Seriously

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