Verizon’s Network Experiencing 4G LTE Data Outages [Update: Verizon Responds]


Reports are coming in from around the nation that Verizon’s 4G LTE network has been experiencing outages for the better part of the day. The problem seems to be widespread and not limited to any specific device. Verizon has not issued any official statement acknowledging the outage, without which we are free to speculate on exactly what is going on. Hopefully the issue is being resolved as we speak and we can all get back to enjoying fast 4G network speeds soon enough.

Update: There are some reports that 3G data may be affected as well, though perhaps not to the same extent as 4G.

Update II: Here is Verizon’s official response:

“Verizon Wireless engineers have been working to resolve an issue with 4GLTE service that is affecting some customers’ 4G devices.  3G data and voice devices are unaffected.  All customers’ voice calls and text messages continue to go through. In the past 24 hours, some 4GLTE customers have reported their devices are operating on 3G data service where they would normally get 4G.  Some have reported no issues, others that data access is either intermittent or unavailable.  We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.”

While it may be a bit of a stretch, there is a possibility that network issues are at the root of the Galaxy Nexus delay. Verizon may want to be positive their LTE infrastructure is working without any problems before launching the Ice Cream Sandwich handset.

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  1. My Thunderbolt has no connection. Kissimmee, Florida.

  2. “Verizon has not issued an official statement”… imagine that…

    1. Well when you don’t care about your customers, an official statement is unnecessary.

  3. I’m rocking my OGD and I have no 4g problems. 

    1. Lol, your phone has to have 4G in order for you to have problems with it =p.

      1. Lol, Can’t believe someone reply to my comment. 

      2. don’t you get the joke dude…

        1. Yes, just felt like stating the obvious ;-).

    2. Oddly enough, my OGD also is having no data problems (in a 3G area) HOWEVER, my GF’s Bionic *is* without data service (same location) – even if I switch it to 3G only…  Posting about your OGD having data isn’t all the far-fetched… :)

      1. They must be testing their new Carrier IQ device ban API’s ;)

  4. Firsty! Phones out already, Verizon is tarnishing the nexus with the poor handling of its release. If anything the device is delayed so Verizon can pre-load more carrier bloatware; and disable competing services like gwallet.

    1. :)

    2. How exactly is this device delayed?

      1. Well the phone is out already if you want it today unlocked via expansys @$749, it is only delayed on Verizon. Like I said, to kill off Google wallet, and pre-install Verizon bloatware.  

        1. But if Verizon never announced a release date, how could it be delayed?

        2. Crazy thing is that $749 is an excellent price considering what the VZW one is going for, i’m already saving my pennies to grab a euro version.

  5. If I can get the Nexus by Dec 15th or 16th, that’s good enough for me.

  6. “Verizon has not issued any official statement acknowledging the outage”but VZWSupport tweeted it over an hour ago.

    Can’t find the tweet right now, but….

  7. Didn’t the same thing happen with the Droid Charge launch?

    1. Maybe Verizon has beef with Samsung?

      1. VZ prefers to pork 

  8. Seems to only affect 3G/4G devices, and they did tweet that they were aware of the problem, but have no eta on when it will be fixed.

  9. My Bionic might as well be a freakin’ tracfone! For as much as we pay for Verizon their service should be on point.. i love VZW but it’s becoming a love/hate relationship.

    1. careful… I dared say something like that last month when 4G went out, and I was, evidently, an a-hole for doing so… I guess the 99.999% SLA most expect in these service industries doesn’t apply to Verizon…

    2. 4G data is down but 3G is fine.  What do you pay a month for data, $30?  That’s roughly $1/day. Call Verizon and ask for your $1.  In the unlikely event that LTE service is out for two days, call Verizon and ask for your $2 back.

      If both 3G and 4G were both out, I would feel differently about this.

  10. 3g working fine in brooklyn ny

  11. I got the following message today on my RAZR:  “SIM Card Authorization Error.  The SIM Card may not be authorized for LTE service.  Please power down the phone and contact Wireless Provider Customer Service.”  But I currently have 4G LTE in Dallas. 

    1. Ya that’s what my RAZR is getting too.  But occasionally it’s able to connect to 1xRTT.

      My XOOM however, is bouncing back and forth between 3G and 1xRTT (no 4G inside where I work).  I suspect I’ll either not get 4G when I go outside or it’ll give me a SIM error there too.

  12. Houston: Both out, 1x works sometimes

    1. 3G is fine for me in Houston. 3G is only out on 4g phones. Weird

  13. Novato, CA no 3g/4g on Thunderbolt.  Occasionally 1X turns on and then almost immediately turns off.

  14. No 4G problems here- Droid X

  15. My thunderbolt lost its thunder from last 15 minutes.. no data 4g/3g/1x whatever and even my basic phone service (CDMA) is not working. Called support, they say there “may” be some nationwide LTE outage, and no ETA.

    Comeon- basic phone calling not working is ridiculous ! Give me back my $$$ that you take .. what is thier uptime metrics / refund policy on outages ?

    VZ charges high for going over data-cap, shouldn’t the consumers get something when they do not maintain their basic PAID services ?

    1. I had nothing noted next to my signal either… no 4G, 3G or 1x icons… I restarted, and at least have 3G…. which is a terrible consolation prize in my area.

    2. And if you call them to complain and ask for some money back for the time you lost service, they’ll basically tell you to f yourself and leave if you dont like it. I know this b/c i’ve had a VZW rep say it to me before. I took his advice and cancelled on the spot.

  16. Verizon, America’s most reliable network! Most deserving of the Galaxy Nexus!


  17. No 3G or 4G in Atlanta on my UML290 4G air card.

  18. Is it just me, or does this happen right before every new device launch?

  19. oops. old data.

    1. Edit – – beat me to it

  20. No 1x/3G in East Texas on either of my lines. (Both 4G phones, but no 4G here)

  21. DX on 3g working fine in the Texas Medical Center (Houston)

  22. I’ve been without 4g/3g/1x on my Charge here in Phoenix for almost 3hrs now, really starting to piss me off. Never had this problem before with Sprint.

  23. I’m on 1X here in Los Angeles. Was 3G until a couple minutes ago.

  24. no 4g on my Dinc2, but 3g has been piss poor slow today.

  25. Clermont Florida is down too, no 3G or 4G. Bionic

  26. 3G’s working fine for me in socal, did they just decide wednesday was fail day?

  27. I truly hope this is not why they delayed the G-Nex.  Their network problems have nothing to do with the device itself.  Just give me my damn Nexus and we’ll work the other crap out later!

  28. No 4G, 3G and 1x is intermittent.  Voice and text are working fine.  Problem began around 9am here in Chicago.

  29. yes…sad to say…3g has been choppy for many…including me…

  30. I’ve noticed all 3G phones seem to be fine, but some 4g phones with problems are also having problems picking up 3G. Someone below said no 4g or 3G in Houston but I’ve had rock solid 3G in houston on my OG droid all day

  31. I had no data service at all most of yesterday with my Bionic, I moved my sim card into my old Thunderbolt and had only 3G until I cycled airplane mode on and off. Now  4G is working fine.

    My guess is the issue is with whatever system authorizes devices on the network more than the actual 4g network itself.  

  32. I had problems but turned on airplane mode then back on to regular and that seems to have done the trick with the tbolt

  33. Time to take out some GN frustration delays out at the gym.

    1. i thought arnold fixed this

  34. So this is probably why the Nexus was delayed again..

  35. My phone is working well oh yea im on tmobile lol just kidding I know your 4g lte could blow us away

  36. R.I.P. Lil’ Sebastian

  37. my bionics out, has been for 3 hrs although 3G is up. NYC

  38. That explains it. I was going crazy here, no data at all for 3 whole hours! I was ready with the razor blade, just in case :D

  39. Wow, Verizon does actually speak…cool

    1. naa.. its a bot

  40. My Bionic 3G also lost connection around 1pm Eastern

  41. my LTE gnex is working GREAT!

    1. Smart ass.

  42. ahh my 4g is finally back up :D

  43. Mine just cane back on in Fargo ND

  44. see,,,?…no Carrier IQ.. and what happens ?… I kid, I’d rather them figure it out without it.

  45. I lost LTE late last night, and it was on 3G up until an hour ago, when I turned the WiFi off to check it just now, it’s on 1x :s

  46. Never noticed it. 4G working for me.

  47. Data intermittent all day…pain in the ass!

    1. yes.. paying a monthly fee to use a WiFi device gets old. 

  48. This Sucks!!!… and of the 4 Nationwide carriers it seems Verizon has the most outages. If they are going to charge these prices, I expect more. I know VZW is has good performance/coverage.. but I rarely (if ever) hear of T-mo or Sprint’s network going down… yet Verizon has gone down numerous times this year alone.  

  49. Lost 3G reception on my OGD, lost 3G / 4G / 1x on my RAZR.
    Came back up this morning.

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