Some HTC Rezound Owners Experiencing Audio Interference When Using Headphones

What’s the worst thing that could happen when your phone pushes its high-caliber audio as a main selling point? A problem with the sound quality of said audio. While the HTC Rezound we had a chance to review passed the sound quality test with flying colors, a growing number of owners are reporting a static interference heard when plugging in a set of headphones. This includes both the included Beats Audio headphones and other brands as well.

While no clear explanation for the problem is known, the hope is a fix can be attained via a software update. A worst-case scenario would have improper shielding within the device creating RF interference with the audio signal.

[via DroidLife]

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  • Fredgvader

    Yeah nothing new with htc, same problem from day one with my evo

    • Daniel Tiberius

      I never had that issue with my Evo 4G or 3D.  :(

    • Joseph Lagalla

      No problems on my sensation. Htc build quality is usually some of the best.

      • androidcatdog

        So the light leakage from my first ThunderBolt was high quality control? I think not, sir.

  • AJH1993

    No static interference with me. And I’ve been wearing sweaters a lot while listening to music on my Rezound… no static 

    • $8357570

      same, I’ve been using non-beats headset (I have a sennheiser pair) and I’ve had no issue.

  • A. studd.

    My play does this only sometimes

  • MatthewMarion

    Can we say fail?

  • Andy Kim

    my left earphone does not work..-sigh-

    • Caleb Cheng

      the ibeats that came with my htc Sensation XE werent working for my left ear too. I took it back and got a new pair that work close to fine, not 100% perfect..

  • Rad Stevens

    I had this problem with my incredible, and my rezound. I returned the rezound a few days ago.

  • Ryan chandler

    Sounds like the Bionic all over again

    • androidcatdog

      Sounds like the ThunderBolt again. HTC + Verizon= FAIL.

  • ckar

    Wow. This could get really ugly for HTC and Verizon if hoards of Rezound buyers start exchanging defective phones for the GN when it finally shows up…

    • babadush

      How ironic is that? Delay the Gnex to push more rezounds and then they end up buying the Gnex anyway mwahahaha

  • McLabia

    Lol. This happens on my computer speakers when any phone is within two feet of them. It’s either the phone or the speakers, but since this happened when an env 3,droid x and d2 are near them, I’m gunna venture this is a VZW issue.

  • vorian atreides

    “When pluggin in a headset” ? Could this article be more specific?What does it refers with the term ‘when pluggin in’ ? It means I was listening to th music on the phone speaker and then while the music was playing I plugged in the headphone?….explain this term please!

  • androidcatdog

    Kevin….go back to school. Your sentence structure offends my brain. While the HTC Rezound we….stop. Just stop. FAIL

    • Sean

      Calm down

    • James Friedman

      U mad bro?

    • stinkymeet

      jealous much?

  • androidcatdog

    Kevin…FAIL. While our review model passed… Your sentence structure is pitiful.

    • stinkymeet


      • androidcatdog

        Gimp? Yes, I enjoy kinky sex. I also enjoy exposing a “writer’s” pitiful sentence structure.

  • JustReboot

    no issues here with either my vmoda vibes or the beats.

  • djeter02

    Wow mine sounds great! No problems at all!

  • Frank

    On my rezound no problem at all with mine thiz is weird

  • Robert Manser

    That’s all I own are htc devices never had a problem. I think it’s someone that doesn’t have one and is very jealous and what to bitch about, that’s easy the main feature of the phone. I own more phones then your typical tech nerd and the rezound being one and have had absolutely not one problem. Well I should say I also have Palm pre plus and 2 LG ally, LG revolution, Samsung galaxy tab, an old Samsung omnia, htc eris, htc incredible, htc thunderbolt, htc rezound, never a problem with any of those.

  • JBrowne1012

    Why can’t HTC ever get the damn audio right?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Chathura Hewauluwatta
  • Josh

    Same with my DHD. It’s driving me flipping mad! Whenever i plug them in, there’s that static sound. And also it sometimes senses ordinary headphones as headphones with a microfone on it and starts randomly calling the last one I called… -.- Flipping annoying! Fix anyone? : (

  • NewHapmpshireE

    No problems here.  I did however notice the Beats Audio enable/disable shows up when using stock HTC music app and my non Beats headphones.

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    HAH! Thats the least of HTC and Verizon concern with the Rezound! My buddy is on his 3rd phone now! Time consistanly changes, the phones doesnt know what time zone hes in. That problem wont allow him to make calls or his alarm wont go off at the right time. It randomly makes weird audio sounds when ending a phone call. and it cant connect to 3g when it looses 4g signal.

    This is the biggest fail of a phone!

    • androidcatdog

      The ThunderBolt was a failed phone. I hope Steven’s wife LOSES her virginity sometime soon. Grammar troll? You’d better believe it. Don’t blame your keyboard.