DaVinci Shows Up In Tegra Zone – Bringing Renaissance Style Online First Person Shooting Jan 2012


The world’s first full Tegra 3 title has popped up in Nvidia’s Tegra Zone today, DaVinci THD. We told you guys about the DaVinci a few weeks back but then, we only had the PC version to go off of. It looks like the game has been making some headway with newly released screenshots following its listing in the Tegra Zone.

So what kinda game are we looking at here? Well, DaVinci is an online FPS with that allows you to go head-to-head with other players in a variety of game modes. Sounds like your pretty standard grade online FPS shooting but what really makes DaVinci standout is its visuals. Taking place in a psuedo Renaissance period, character design is top notch featuring various classes of characters to choose from, highly detailed 3D environments with lighting effects and physics — all being built from the ground up using the Unreal 3 engine.

The game looks nothing short of amazing with near “console quality” graphics. The only thing left now is to see how it plays. No word if players will be able to use the tried-and-true keyboard/mouse setup but we know it’s definitely possible with the ASUS Transformer Prime. To get a better idea of what we’re looking at, you can check out the trailer for the PC version below.

You guys looking forward to DaVinci THD when it drops in January?

[Tegra Zone via DroidGamers]

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    1. no

  1. They need to stop with this TEGRA bs, just make it available on everything, all it’s doing is splitting up the games on android and making the selection of games for most of us worse than it already is…

    1. It’s just like a PC (kinda). You can’t expect to run Crysis on an Intel Atom. You gotta have the powa. 

    2. And then the 1 star reviews come pouring in… “duz no werk on my htv evo WWWTFTFFFFSSSS?!?!?!?!”

    3. The number of people with LG Optimus (insert single letter here) phones that complain about apps to me makes me understand why making games available on all phones just doesn’t work. Yes, the phone runs Android, no it does not have good screen visibility, a reactive touchscreen, lots of RAM, or a good processor. It sits in the low end of the spectrum of devices and the high end is only getting farther away. I have to explain this to friends faaaar to often. Chris’ comment about Crysis works for the gamer crowd usually lol, normal people I say something like “you’re trying to win a nascar race with the Hyundai Accent of phones” or something like that lol.

      As far as capable chipsets go, well yeah paying devs to make a game for only one chip sucks, but it is going to happen and we can’t really stop it. Samsung, TI, and Qualcomm need to chuck some money at devs if they want to play, but that I actually hope they don’t so the system stays less fractured…

      (edited for an error…there may be more lol it’s late)

  2. They never mention which console. “Console-quality” might as well be referring to the NES.

  3. Looks pretty nice. Look forward to reviewing it when it comes out. Nvidia optimized games are definitely some of the top games on Android. 

  4. Really annoying that Tegra 2 is already being phased out.

  5. I hope the sound in-game is as great as the one in this video.

  6. For all you people complaining about this being a Tegra exclusive, a simple Google search of “How to play tegra games on a non-tegra device” should solve your problem. Chainfire3D FTW!!! I’m playing Shadowgun on my Vibrant.

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