Rumors of an Official Facebook Phone (Buffy) Resurrected, HTC Supposedly at the Helm

After hearing the first murmurs of a supposed Facebook phone,  a device that was supposed to be conjured up by the social networking giant itself, they have declined the existence of any such phone time and time again.

Since then, HTC have made a couple of phones with convenient Facebook buttons on them and custom Facebook integration but they weren’t really the “official” products we were looking for.

Some time has gone by since the launch of those phones and the rumor seems to be awaking from the dead – HTC and Facebook are working together on creating the “Facebook phone.” Its name will reportedly be “Buffy,” though we’re sure this is little more than a codename at this point, if true.

“Our mobile strategy is simple: We think every mobile device is better if it is deeply social,” a Facebook spokesperson told AllThingsD. ”We’re working across the entire mobile industry; with operators, hardware manufacturers, OS providers, and application developers to bring powerful social experiences to more people around the world.

The device will apparently house a heavily customized version of Android to tightly integrate into Facebook’s services. They’ll also put heavy focus on HTML5 in order for users to enjoy the same web apps and games that they do on the desktop version of Facebook.

AllThingsD apparently has more information regarding this “Facebook phone” as they have teased that this is only the first in a series of posts about the phone this week. Stick with us as we report what they claim to have as they publish it.

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  • Ryan Rochford

    if this will be 99% cloud based as was rumored almost a year ago it will fail. Cloud based computing is great, but we still dont have 3g everywhere…..if im on a plane/subway, some buildings….or on sprints service (lol i get 21kbps on 3G with sprint FAIL) i cant access any of my content………fail fail fail.

    • Ryan Rochford

      oh yeah did i mention it will FAIL

    • toomuchgame441

      Correct on the #fail sir, I got like 94kbps down w/ my EVO 4G just last night at home, lol

      • Munchys

        Ahh, I love my 4G from VZW getting 2.7MB/s on torrents :)

        • toomuchgame441

          I dislike the power you possess.

        • Off_Road_Racing

          My home WiFi has 1.4 MB. Hmm… I think I’m satisfied with that since I have UNLIMITED Wifi. :P

          Every now and then I MAY find a random spot in Who? Stun? that has 1.4MB downloads on Sprint 4G. 

          Curse you and your Verizon that I’m sure is all around Who? Stun?

  • BigCiX

    I thought the HTC chacha was the fscebook phone that lasted about a month before at&t discontinued it.

  • Newbtastic

    Who needs a Facebook phone? Facebook works fine on Android and iOS.

    • Z-liberator

      for reals.

  • effApple

    How about facebook focus on making a fully functional app first? can you say honeycomb?

  • Diego Montano

    do they not realize facebook is dead?

    • JamesS

      Guess they forgot to check G+. :P

      • Z-liberator

        Thats dead too

        • Off_Road_Racing

          I don’t want to admit it, but that’s so true. No one is on there.

      • Off_Road_Racing

        I have G+ and the only people there are bloggers. No body on there. -_-

  • chuckles87

    how about fixing the problem where i get a notification, check it then actually have to go through old posts to comment. instead of being able to reply right there like i used to.

  • Aslan N.L. Bollin

    Yes, because the HTC Status/ChaCha did Soooo well……… o_O?

  • McLabia

    This reminds me of the myspace phone. Myspace died shortly after thy phone came out. So did helix… Hmmm. Is the end near for both helix and facebook?

  • McLabia

    Errr htc. Lol.