Apps of the Day: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and Black FlyDay


Although Thanksgiving and Black Friday are a few days away it’s never too late to start planning the end of this busy and fun week. Here are just a couple of applications that’ll help you with all of that. Be sure to take them for a spin and see if they can’t save you from a huge headache and a heavily dented wallet. Apps of the day!

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a holiday tradition, but never before has it been experienced like this. MyCityWay has put together an app for the occasion chock full of every detail regarding the turkey march, from a list of float inflation events to the parade route. Read up on the history of the event, see who will be involved, and come parade day download the official Line of March and see exactly when Santa will cross your path. Perfect for anyone attending the event, but there is plenty here for those watching along at home as well. [Market]

Black FlyDay – Black FlyDay is an application that will help you tread the sea of retail stores throughout the biggest shopping season of the year. While the application will only get use a few days out of the year starting this Friday, black FlyDay can help you turn the most frustrating of hunts into the easiest of finds. Look at a global view of the deals you’re looking for or drill it down to local retailers. Of course, this doesn’t extend to Cyber Monday. [Market]

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  1. Nooo! You gave into their constant stream of spam emails lol!

    1. Hey its Taylor Wimberly.  Its good to see you are active in other sites besides Andy&Me :)

  2. Black flyday requires facebook login to do anything, even to look at settings. Lame. uninstalled

  3. You know you can turn an ordinary Thanksgiving into a true holiday with simple decorations. Have you seen those amazing table decor ideas? It’s just stunning!

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