Google Voice for Android Updated with Group Messaging, Offline Voicemail

Google is making it harder and harder to ignore Google Voice as more than a visual voicemail solution with their latest update to version The Android app now has the capability to send text messages to multiple recipients, a task accomplished by simply adding as many contacts as you want to the “Send” field, drafting up a text, and shooting it off to navigate the world’s invisible network of mobile airwaves. The lack of the feature, along with the inability to send multimedia messages (Google has been working on addressing this), has been a major drawback to using Google Voice as a primary texting platform.

If you are still the type that only wants Google Voice for its voicemail capabilities alone, the latest update serves you as well. Save messages can now be pre-fetched and cached on your device, eliminate the need for a data connection to access voicemails.

You can find the latest version of Google Voice by following the Android Market link below.

Android Market: Google Voice


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  • Splendor78

    Is the “Dogfood Settings” item in the menu new?

    (path: menu->more->settings->scroll to the bottom)

  • jackie moore

    i mainly use google voice for calls to save on my minutes which works out great 

    • byteless

      @google-cab150d412f0bfdc983766e9564429af:disqus  you missed my comments maybe
       you can’t save your min with the new GV update because every time you dial out it picked random numbers to dial out. They called this the direct access numbers. thats only preventing me to update my GV app on SGS2 

  • Chris Chavez

    I setup Google Voice with my Sprint number so I can get SMS messages on my phone, tablet and computer. 

    Been waiting for an update for a long time. Glad to see they’ve finally thrown us some scraps but I’m hoping they’ll add more messaging app like “features.” I desperately need threading and for the app to function properly when hitting the back button. 

    Get on it, Google! :) 

    • MichaelTolly

      So far it looks like they have fixed the back button issue. Haven’t had a ton of time to test it though. 

  • Splaktar


  • Lex Lybrand

    They really need to work on the UI.

    • The_ATL_Guy

      While other companies will introduce a polished product Google puts out shit and 20 years later eventually gets around to updating it. 

  • Ringo

    …but still no support in Europe… :-(

  • Tim Ryeland

    When is this coming to Canada?

  • Jordan Vasquez

    They need to fix the UI for text messaging, because its atrocious to use. 

    • Zeke Duarte

      Atrocious?  I think your getting a little carried away.  It’s not the prettiest but it does the job.  

  • byteless

    @google-cab150d412f0bfdc983766e9564429af:disqus  thats really not there anymore. you can’t save min on Google Voice because every time you dial out it picked random numbers to dial out. They called this the direct access numbers. thats only preventing me to update my GV app on SGS2

  • pr1nyc1

    I have the Nexus S 4G, and i wanted to know, can text messages from GVoice be sent via Wi-Fi?

    • toomuchgame441

      Yea, Google Voice is more valuable to us on Sprint, I send text all the time from my laptop using the Google Chrome extension for Voice.  Love it.  These new features, I don’t really care about.  When Google has MMS via Voice then I’ll be set.  And yea… the UI needs to be cleaned up a bit

      • pr1nyc1

        Thanks a lot. I had a problem with GVoice when i initially got my phone back in May, but i reactived it, and i installed the extension on Chrome.

  • Greg Hammons

    GV saves me thirty a month from texting. thank you google

  • Johan

    When is Google Voice coming to Sweden? We gave you Spotify now give us Voice! :)

  • Nudo

    I use Google Voice constantly. They have completely beaten any shred of competition in this realm.

  • small business blog

    Finally, an update!  I guess I’ll get the new app and try the new features! how sweet!