Verizon Already Taking Orders for HTC Rezound, Arriving Early for Some


Wait, isn’t the HTC Rezound not supposed to be available until November 14th? It really doesn’t matter, because if you call Verizon directly and get ahold of the right sales rep they will sell you one right over the phone. We received tracking confirmation from reader Jessica (compchick813 on Android Forums) and it looks like she should have a Rezound by Friday. More than that, some are already receiving the phone.

What you see above is the unboxing of a Rezound that just showed up today (November 9th) on one lucky buyer’s doorstep. That is five days earlier than the Rezound’s November 14th street date. Who would have guessed that some would receive the Rezound before the release of the Droid RAZR? Anyone else have luck ordering the Beats Audio handset?

[Thanks Jessica, Jese]

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  1. Galaxy Nexus, FTW.

  2. The more important question is whether or not this works on the Nexus…

    1. I was wondering that myself…can’t hurt to give it a shot. If anyone tries this and has success, please post.

      1. It does not work on the Galaxy Nexus–I just tried literally 2 minutes ago. Customer Service rep suggested I check Samsung’s website or online rumor sites.

        So when will it be released?

        (That was me checking online rumor sites)

  3. i want

  4. Harold & Kumar unbox the Rezound!  Awesome!

  5. What kind of English was that in the video?

  6. Hope they let us order the Galaxy Nexus early.  Not really interested in the Razr or Rezound.

  7. I was able to order mine, I was told that it should be on my door step by Friday via FedEx. I look forward to my own unboxing…   

    1. So do you have a special account.. ??  I tried and then was dissapointed when she was about to close and tell me it would come to my house.

      1. No special account that I am aware of… been a customer for 10 years though. I asked and they placed the order… I got a confirmation number same day.

  8. Thought I would play with this till the Nexus comes out then give this to the wife. Phone rep said she couldn’t order it till Nov 14th. O’well Galaxy here I come.

  9. I hope VZW is doing this to give the Nexus some breathing room. Nexus on the 17th, then?

  10. i also ordered the rezound just now over the phone. you have to give them the ADR (ADR6425) for them to load it into the system. i called earlier without it and she was not able to place the order. but with it, this lady was. so that is my tip for the day. i have an order number, no shipment email yet. i think i made the cutoff for today, but we’ll see.

    1. I wonder if you use the number associated with the Galaxy Nexus with customer service can you get the phone early? 

      1. I tried that first. She could see the phone (galaxy) but couldn’t process it. At lease they can see it in their system.

    2. tried via the ADR and she didnt know what that meant. I then tried asking for the 6425 but still no luck. Eventually I had to give in and just state the HTC Rezound but then was told I can not order it yet.  Oh well…

  11. Looks a lot like the incredible.. why not just go with the Incredible 3? Too soon maybe?

  12. I’m getting more and more excited to troll the gnex forums about 2 weeks after release and read about all the issues with the excellent quality of their sweet samsung instinct galaxy nexus.

  13. When asked what device just tell them ADR6425. Eventually when they pull that up they will verify that it is the HTC Rezound.
    (I currently have Verizon and am upgrading my current phone.)
    Not sure if the above matters or not.
    DOAH…. she stopped the order right about the time she would have closed the call.

    You must have to be a super user or something.

  14. Available at beigephone now!!

  15. Don’t waste your time.  They have no idea what they are doing at Verizon Sales.  Whatever you do, do NOT mention the HTC Rezound by name.  I got the farthest saying the name of the phone was ADR6425 but the guy couldn’t see it in the system.  Verizon might have removed it.


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